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[ Major Bug ] Missing swords/spears on officers/captains units

CharlieGoldCharlieGold Registered Users Posts: 34
here it is is basic bug with zero response or fix,

this is vanilla game zero mods ( fresh reinstall with verified integrity of the game files)
DxDiag in the attached file


  • CharlieGoldCharlieGold Registered Users Posts: 34
    bump, anybody?
  • CharlieGoldCharlieGold Registered Users Posts: 34
    to bad CA ignore so many bug reports on this forum ;/
  • CharlieGoldCharlieGold Registered Users Posts: 34
    !!!! finally thank you so much, its kinda lame thet pepole like you have to do it for free, instead of...ya know CA staff that is getting money for it ;/ to bad they don't care about the bugs
  • EasternRoman5EasternRoman5 Registered Users Posts: 79
    I didn't expect you to see the reply because the thread was getting quite old. So that was a nice surprise :D Enjoy the game and if you find any more bugs let me know in the comments. I have also fixed the Etruscan artillery. (also look at the "updates" section, I have more bug fixes there)

    Just keep in mind that not everything can be fixed with modding, but as you see many things can.

  • CharlieGoldCharlieGold Registered Users Posts: 34
    edited May 2020
    yep i checked you mod its amazing it would be nice if some overhaul mods could apply some of your fixes, 80 % of the time i use DeI, like you they fixed insane amount of things, but there are some overhaul ( radious, wars of the gods and others) that still have vanilla bugs ( the one that you fixed) like missing swords, spears on the back in rise of the republick.
    once i reported that to the War of the gods guys alongside other bugs in their mod, they didin't appreciate it, and seemse to be kinda buthurt about it, they had mentality like "it works for me so f**k off"
  • CharlieGoldCharlieGold Registered Users Posts: 34
    and i also use your mod for attila alongside some reskins I don't use overhauls for attila to often, they seems kinda messy or dead xD
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