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Unable to establish a trade route between Vaul's Anvil and Lothern as Imrik?

The-Almighty-ZugsThe-Almighty-Zugs Registered Users Posts: 47
Can anyone tell me why I am unable to establish a trade route between Vaul's Anvil and Lothern as Imrik? I own Vaul's Anvil and have treaties with Lothern. No one is between us. There's a road connecting the two main settlements. Back at Imrik's starting location, I have the Shattered Cove port. Does anyone have any ideas?



  • steam_164513114285QqDwIYfsteam_164513114285QqDwIYf Registered Users Posts: 811
    As I understand it, the sea near the Shattered Cove's region is not connected to the main ocean, so no trade route can be established that way. Malus Darkblade suffers from a similar problem if you give up Hag Graef.

    However, if you can establish an overland contiguous route from your capital to a port attached to the main ocean, you can trade with Ulthuan. I was able to trade once I set up a route by controlling the Plain Of Bones (Fortress of Vorag, Imrik's capital), The Wolflands, The Silver Road, and Blood River Valley (port city of Barak Varr).
  • Hotmaz55Hotmaz55 Registered Users Posts: 1
    This is the problem with Barak var.

    From the start of the game ,Grimgore is very OP, being able to field 4 armies, which he uses in pairs.

    So if I dare to attack him, I find myself facing 2-3 waves of double stacked armies. That's suicide considering that I only have ONE full 3rd tier army.

    If I try to make another one, my funds will be in the red.

    Ok, so I choose to avoid Grimgore while trying to push to Barak Var. So I attack the weaker orcs.

    Ding Ding. They immediately confederate with Grimgore as soon as they begin to lose ground.

    Keep in mind that Grimgore steamrolls everything. No trade with the Last Defenders because he wiped them out.

    So I try the other route. I capture/colonize every settlement north of Khemri , all the way to the sea.

    But I STILL can't establish any trade routes.

    Don't get me wrong. I love a good challenge. But I despise broken gameplay.

    CA had to know that trade is the lifeblood of HEs. They have no other way of generating wealth.

    I guess giving Imrik a functional trade route would make things "too easy" for him.

    But let's be honest. Take ANY civilization in the game. Once you get the basics down, ad get their economy going, it's a cakewalk from there on.

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