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Crash to desktop in battles of any sorts

CrownedAnthraciteCrownedAnthracite Registered Users Posts: 4
Build: 1.9.2

Detailed description:
The game crashes without an error message in battles. Happens both in campaign battles and simple quest battles and quick battles. Sometimes I can finish the battle, but usually a crash happens every 20 minutes at most. Once the battle is loaded in, it can crash during the cutscene too, screen freezes, voice "goes on" for a couple seconds before the game crashes. It has produced multiple minidumps, I'll add them all.

Reproduction steps: nothing specific, but it is a recurring thing

Solutions I've attempted:
Uninstalled and reinstalled both Steam and Warhammer 2.
Updated my graphic drivers (rolling back doesn't seem to be an option, as it is a new one).
Tried starting the game offline, turned off Blood For The Blood God DLC.

Any idea what could be causing it?


  • CrownedAnthraciteCrownedAnthracite Registered Users Posts: 4
    edited June 2020
    Edit: Also verified files. Rolled back version to 1.8.3, but the problem still persists.
    Uninstalled graphic driver and reinstalled an older one. That plus not having other windows open seemed to have helped, but just a bit later still managed to crash in a paused battle out of all things, during issuing commands.
    Did a clean reinstall of the whole computer, OS included, the problem still persists. Honestly have no idea at this point what could be causing it.
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