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Is it possible for a caster to have more than 6 spells via modding?

F_SilenceF_Silence Registered Users Posts: 1
Manfred has two full lores of magic which is 12 available spells and a pair of buttons to switch between page 1 and 2. However other lords have max of 6 spells and if I simply add more in the character_skill_nodes_tables, they won't appear in the battle UI. Is it possible to mod a lord to have, i.e. 12 cheerypicked spells from different lores? What tables should I edit? Thank you for help.


  • steam_164511599602prOjRW7steam_164511599602prOjRW7 Registered Users Posts: 265
    It's a little complicated and references a few different tables, so here's the steps;

    special_ability_groups sets up a custom group of spells that will appear on the same tab, this is what characters with mixed lores use.

    special_ability_groups_to_unit_abilities_junctions tells the game what abilities/spells make up that group.

    special_ability_groups_to_units_junctions tells the game what unit has access to the special_ability_groups you've established.

    This will put them all on the same tab, though I haven't experimented much with how this would work with two tabs, but you can probably make two groups and assign them to the same character and I think the game will automatically set up different tabs.
  • Ethorin#1178Ethorin#1178 Registered Users Posts: 778
    Note:Eevi's Legendary Lord Spell Overhauls - Fixed, is a mod on Steam workshop that has functional examples of doing this.

    AFAICT it's just the base game caster lords, I know Morathi, Teclis, and Mazda get double lores, I think Skrolk likely does as well but Allarielle isn't in the mod.

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