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Siege Battle Bug: Can't Attack Units Above Gates

Rick_LRick_L Registered Users Posts: 4
edited June 30 in General Discussion
Playing as Huntsmarshal and attacking the settlement of Itza held by the faction Itza . I get my units up on the walls but if I tell them to attack the enemy positioned above the gates, my units go down to the ground behind the gates instead. Once on the ground they are attacked by the monster units down there. Those units get hammered and the enemy on the gates can't actually be dealt with properly.

The siege is unplayable if I can't actually enact a strategy.


  • TennisgolfbollTennisgolfboll Registered Users Posts: 9,466
    Sieges have alot of flaws
    It needs to be pointed out that what people call "cheese" is just playing the game the way it actually exists not in some fictional way they think it is supposed to work.
  • FowlFowl Registered Users Posts: 1
    This seems to have become a problem sometime after the warden and the paunch DLC. Not sure when exactly but I never noticed it beforehand.
  • LayzanLayzan Registered Users Posts: 1,018
    Also for the first time I've ever seen, enemy units get stuck within the wall on the inside and you can't attack them unless you can break down the actual wall.
  • Ingr8Ingr8 Registered Users Posts: 1,129
    Sieges are pretty buggy, full stop.
    Dreaming of mighty Lumbria

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