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New launcher might have just killed the modding scene

0_W_E_N0_W_E_N Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 3
Being that we have now been forced to use the new launcher for the game and the old branch was removed we can no longer mod games like thrones of britannia because the new launcher does not work when compiling start pos files in the BoB tool.

Can we please get this looked at or can we at least have the old launcher back. i have spent months on end working on an overhaul mod for the game and i can now no longer continue with it because of this change. i backup my files contantly and i know my mod file was working right up until this update so i do hope we will hear something about this soon.


  • DaruwindDaruwind Junior Member PragueRegistered Users Posts: 1,460
    Yeah, this is preventing me from completing overhaul mod as well...

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  • hooveric#5534hooveric#5534 Registered Users Posts: 25
    this issue appears only to some users. I'm one of them. some people have no problem at all.
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