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BUG REPORT: Avatar Conquest unit maximums, possible exploit

smotheredrunsmotheredrun Registered Users Posts: 4
@CA_Ella @CA_James and/or CA team:

Per instructions from the Support branch, request #376496, I am submitting the following bug report:

Yesterday, during an Avatar Conquest Match-Made (medium funds, land) battle my opponent was able to field the following army:

1 - General unit rank 9 or 10 (unclear in replay footage)
1 - Matchlock Ashigaru rank 9
1 - Bow Warrior Monk rank 9
1 - Yari Ashigaru rank 9
2 - Naginata Attendants rank 0
2 - Fire Cavalry rank 9
2 - Donderbuss Cavalry rank 9

It is my understanding that the Fire Cavalry and Donderbuss Cavalry are "unique" units in Avatar Conquest, as in a player may field a maximum of 1 of each.

A copy of the replay file was submitted to the Support team. I can provide a copy if you like.

To date, I have been unable to replicate this type of build. Specifically I have been unable to find a way to include 2 Fire Cavalry and 2 Donderbuss Cavalry.

Unless there is a way to do an exploit to increase your funds above the 10000 max for a medium land battle, the opponent likely didn't fully upgrade each rank 9 unit; had they applied all of the upgrades, included the Yari ashigaru Hold Firm ability, and used both the Trading Post and Inspiring Orator retainers they'd have been unable to field that army.

If you require further information or more specific details, they can be provided via PM or email.

Thank you for your attention.

Kind regards


  • smotheredrunsmotheredrun Registered Users Posts: 4
    @CA_Ella @CA_James and rest of CA staff.

    As a follow-up to my previous mention of an exploit regarding unit maximums being abused somehow:

    Some correspondance between myself and others in the active Shogun 2 and other Total War communities have yielded the following information:

    1. It is possible for someone to mod the game and trick the game into thinking it is un-modded. The exact "how" this is done is unfamiliar to me (not familiar with this sort of thing), but it can be accomplished somehow with a LUA script.

    2. Please find in the pictures below, another match against the same opponent, with a slightly modified version of the army. Again, both the funds and the unit maximums for a Match-Made Avatar Conquest battle seem to be exploited here. I have hidded the actual user's name, but you can see the army I was faced with:

    I realize the dev cycle for Shogun 2 is more than likely completed, years ago, but is there any way at all that this sort of nonsense can be eliminated?
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