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Cannot play Multiplayer Campaign with friend (Warhammer II)

GortonGorton Registered Users Posts: 3
Warhammer 2 Total War

V1.91 Build

The hardcoded (it seems) 300 second connection timer does not allow us to play the game together as when my game on my SSD loads, it autokicks my friend after 300 seconds pass.

Please can you make this a option instead as it makes it literally impossible to play together.


  • 1v01v0 Registered Users Posts: 419
    I have had this for ages still no answer or how can it be fixed ..... still can't play with my frind we both have good PCs good SSD -

    Note it only happen in battle 16+ units . This waiting for time.

    If its less than 16 units all is normal.

    Please fix this i wanna play with my friends ...
  • GortonGorton Registered Users Posts: 3
    Your problem is not like mine. Please make your own topic.
  • GyrixGyrix Registered Users Posts: 6
    Hi Gorton, that's quite a first world problem eh? haha

    Have you tried slowing your own game down? Specifically, lowering the CPU priority from 'Normal' to 'Low' ? This might not help, given that it appears it's your SSD that's causing such a large loading gap, but it would be worth a try. As well, there is a program called Process Lasso that apparently can allow you to set I/O (disk usage) priority per process.

    I know this isn't an ideal solution, but I hope it can be of some help!

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