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Cavalry losses in autoresolve are just obnoxious

Asterion85Asterion85 Registered Users Posts: 28
edited July 2020 in Feedback & Suggestions
I've just autoresolved a battle using HE (Tyrion) against some elven rebels.

Outcome: Decisive Victory.

You gotta be kidding me... that was actually more on the Pyrrhic side of the spectrum, since 3 of my 4 Silver Helms units got *completely* wiped out. All of the other units were barely scratched, yet my cavalry was almost completely gone.

I'm not even gonna go into discussions like "yes but the losses for heavy cavalry" and so on, to try and imply this is in any way normal or even reasonable. From my standpoint, this is utter BS and makes no sense whatsoever: what general would sacrifice his cavalry, while being vastly superior to his foes?
If my memory serves, Rome2 used to inflict heavy losses, but at least it didn't wipe out entire units so carelessly.

Now, I have no intention to global retrain cavalry every time I mop up rebels or small enemy armies, nor I could stand playing without cav, and even less I would deem acceptable having to manually fight every minor battle.

I tried reloading, yet the outcome stands the same.

Thanks for your kind attention.


  • Asterion85Asterion85 Registered Users Posts: 28
    If it matters, the army consisted entirely of Lothern Seaguard, with 4 units of cavalry and 4 ballistae. Perhaps the system has somehow assumed the only melee units who were meant to suffer losses were the Silver Helms... dunno.
  • LoreguyLoreguy Registered Users Posts: 872
    Rome 2 tend to wipe dog handlers and elephants in most battles.

    I think AR just send all your melee to enemy melee. Cav vs. Spear, heavy looses.

    I have same experience with undead doggos.

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