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Official Policy On Using Modder's Work For Inspiration

UnconcernedUnconcerned Registered Users Posts: 108
edited August 2020 in Total War General Chat
Just a really simple question for the fine members of Creative Assembly or anyone who can positively confirm their policy (not guessing or making conjecture): What is the policy of Creative Assembly, when it comes to using content from Total War mods, as a means of inspiration* for CA in creating new content for current or future Total War titles? To be more specific, if mod content is used for inspiration in the creation of either FLC or DLC content in a Total War title, does or will CA give credit to those mods and/or modders for that inspiration?

Thank you in advance! :)

*Extent of inspiration is open to interpretation, from simply seeing something and freshly recreating/reimagining it to outright taking assets and just updating them


  • davedave1124davedave1124 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 13,430
    The nearest that came to that was a mod that turned ship battles into land battles, they did give them due warning though I believe.

    In other examples if say a mod uses new units like units not yet used, then it's reasonable to assume that CA was going to do it anyway eventually.

    It's very difficult to prove CA took an idea directly from a modder.
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