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Online mode multiplayer campaign timeout at start after loading fine

onimaroonimaro Registered Users Posts: 2
Build: 1.9.0

Detailed description:
When attempting to play multiplayer over internet, the game timeouts once both players loaded the map.
The same setup works fine if it respects at least ONE the following spécifics situations :
- the factions played are Eataine and Cult of Pleasure
- both players are on the same local network (but still playing on online mode, not in LAN mode)
- the game is started in LAN mode

Reproduction Steps:
- get 2 games total war warhammer 2 on different wan public IP, all mods disabled
- setup a multiplayer campaign, online mode, mortal empires map, co-op, pick beastmen (khazrak) and cult of pleasure (morathi)
- start the game. Loading screens complete without any issue
- once both player loaded, the host get a 300sec waiting for other players central popup, and the second player gets a right side red-written popup 'waiting for players'). The game never resumes.


Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
- tested with different factions setup , multiplayer campaign, ONLINE mode, mortal empires, co-op :
- - beastmen + Cult of Pleasure -> KO
- - greenskins + Cult of Pleasure (another total war warhammer 1 faction to replace beastmen) -> KO
- - skavens + Cult of Pleasure (both total war warhammer 2 factions) -> KO
- - beastmen + Von Carstein (both total war warhammer 1 factions) -> KO
- - eataine + Cult of pleasure -> surprisingly works fine ! But we would like to play other factions :(

- tested on both windows and linux versions : same behavior

- tested in LAN mode -> works fine on both OS, multiplayer campaign, ONLINE mode, mortal empires, co-op, beastmen + Cult of Pleasure

- tested in ONLINE mode, with 2 computers located on the same local area network -> works fine on both OS, multiplayer campaign, ONLINE mode, mortal empires, co-op, beastmen + Cult of Pleasure

Please attach .replay for Battles or both .save_multiplayers from host and client for Campaign.
- the game timeouts before anybody can start any turn, so no save available

Bonus comments :
As it works fine with eataine + Cult of Pleasure, i stopped looking for network issues. Before stopping, i opened (on firewalls) and forwarded (on routers) some udp communications using tcpdump, but it seems stange to me that the eataine + Cult of Pleasure online setup OR the any faction on LAN setup would not suffer the same problem. I guess there is a different function used in lan and online modes. Disabling firewalls don't solve the problem.

I can perform some tests if suggested, of provide more info if asked. I'm out of ideas.


  • onimaroonimaro Registered Users Posts: 2
    I changed my router and the game is now working fine.
    I still cant explain why it worked with some specific matchup, but the problem dont seems to be related to the game itself.

    The case is to be closed :)

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