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SolvedUnable to assassinate enemy heroes

AronixAronix Registered Users Posts: 11
edited August 2020 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Currently 39 turns into my Balthasar Gelt campaign and in order to acquire his unique item "Amulet of Sea Gold" you have to assassinate a hero belonging to the vampire counts.

However whenever i attempt to assassinate one of said heroes the game tells me i have a 100% chance of failure which makes it so that i can not complete this quest.
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  • MasterSayo01MasterSayo01 Registered Users Posts: 434
    I think your hero is too weak to do this. And I see in your picture that you use a Witch Hunter for this action.

    And if a hero has done an action to wound or assassinate an enemy hero, then he becomes penalty of 50 %.
    So, the hero can't do any action against an enemy for 2 turns.

    And which difficulty are you playing this Grand Campaign (Mortal Empires), is this easy, normal, hard or legendary?
  • NirgaloNirgalo Registered Users Posts: 78
    Look at negative effects. Your hero effect -43%. Your hero made a successful assassination attempt in the last turn, and has a -50% chance of success for one turn. The hero is tired.

    For the future: At the bottom right, near the hero's portrait, you can see the currently active effects.
  • AronixAronix Registered Users Posts: 11
    My bad i did not realize/know that heroes had a one turn cooldown for actions, i do recall however another time when i was playing chaos and over the course of multiple turns i had a 0% success chance against the clan angrund ghost heroes and i thought this was happening again.

    Thanks for the replies.
  • NirgaloNirgalo Registered Users Posts: 78
    edited August 2020
    The clan angrund ghost heroes immortal and and cannot be killed or wounded by the player's heroes.

    And there is no concept of cooldown. The hero gets tired only after a successful assassination attempt and this is a -50% chance of success. That is, a hero of level 30 and above will still have a chance of success, albeit rather low. Normal actions such as sabotaging an army, attacking a garrison, or stealing technologies do not impose negative effects.

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