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Own lord stuck in encamp/recruit stance, can't move

ThreesanThreesan Registered Users Posts: 1
Main menu says: v1.9.0 Build, 15159.1980615 (modded) -- the mod ought to be purely visual, not relevant.

Issue: Hexoatl race, lord is stuck in recruit/encamp stance, cannot change stance, cannot move. Nothing is being recruited.

The chain of events as I remember them:
  1. A rebel army spawns in a "red climate" region I own (playing Hexoatl). Sieges the province capital.
  2. I move a lord just slightly but definitely inside the besieged region, and (optimistically) start recruiting some units (2 turns to complete, up from 1, due to red climate), using 4 of the total 4 local recruitment pool slots.
  3. Rebel army finishes building whatever siege equipment they want, and captures the city. This happened on the click of "End Turn" where the local unit recruitment would have finished.
  4. My lord is now stuck in recruiting/encamp-recruiting stance. I do own the other town in the province, but my lord is clearly inside the enemy-held region. No units are being recruited. I have 3 recruited units in the army (though I'm pretty sure I was recruiting 4 simultaneously -- that is what the turn 107 file indicates, and the max number of local recruitment slots, and how much money I had to spare for this). The "local recruitment" tab is disabled. The "global recruitment" tab is available and I can queue and remove things normally, but this does not un-stuck my lord. I can disband the 3 recruited units leaving the lord, but the lord is still stuck.
I've attached save turn-109 where the rebel army captured the region and my lord became stuck. And the previous available save, turn-107, where the rebel army had started a siege, where I have already moved my Lord forward to the turn-109 position in the soon-to-be-captured region (having not realized until too late that the +1-turn recruitment penalty would apply) and started recruiting 4-of-4 local recruitment of basic Skink units.

(Side note: preserving the past few turns of automatic saves would mean I'd have a turn-108 file that I could upload.)


  • DaZeusXDaZeusX Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited August 2020
    have the issue after encampment, movement is disabled but changing stances do not enable movement. And so far only seem to affect the protagonist hero and not the recruited ones. I have this issue with Troy and I don't seem to have a delete option for the comment section.

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