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TROY Patch 1.1.0



  • epic_159804742276cTweBE0epic_159804742276cTweBE0 Registered Users Posts: 6
    edited September 2020
    Same issue... 4K with that small UI is unplayable.

    Do you test your patches before going life? (the Same about the last 3K Update with a missing Gamma Slider)
  • epic_159817030363AS6d3l9epic_159817030363AS6d3l9 Registered Users Posts: 103
    I was updating for more then 5 hrs yesterday, crazy...
  • WipeoutWipeout Registered Users Posts: 69
    edited September 2020

    Achilles easy where??? Stupid update.... LOL.

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  • RamilaRamila Registered Users Posts: 12
    That's a lot of fixes and improvements in one patch :o
  • epic_159817030363AS6d3l9epic_159817030363AS6d3l9 Registered Users Posts: 103
    You need to start new game to get it works?
  • AppianAppian Registered Users Posts: 3
    Just resumed Odysseus Campaign with the patch, it seems fair that the poison the well ability has been nerfed, as it was too powerful. I found the AI hardly ever used spies (for some reason it seems to prefer priestesses) , so it was too much of a help to players. The spy was by miles the most useful agent.
  • Mels767Mels767 Registered Users Posts: 4
    Did they acknowledge the 4k bug? any hotfix???? it's unplayable come on
  • ShowgunzillaShowgunzilla Registered Users Posts: 72
    Somehow epic requires me to update the patch...i need to reverse the patch also.
    How to do that?

    Suppose your collision system is the proudest move shifting it from the three kingdoms to this game.
    It is now totally unusable and non-useful.
  • TayvarTayvar Registered Users Posts: 12,346

    No changes to Supply Lines? Damn.

    Well, still looking forward to another campaign!

    Seriously though, something really needs to be done with the Supply Lines.

    I didnt play it yet, can you explain the mechanic of supply lines and how it works here?
    In short, for every additional army you create after your first one, the amount of resources all of your armies cost in upkeep per turn increases by a certain percentage.

    So, say for instance my first army is costing me 1000 food per turn in upkeep. Once I recruit a second army, the Supply Lines mechanic kicks in and increases that by, say, 10%. So both my first and second armies are now costing me 1100 food per turn in upkeep. The third army I recruit increases that by another 10%, so all of my armies are now costing me 1210 food per turn in upkeep. My 4th army increases it by another 10% to 1331 food, and so on and so forth. It get's really expensive, really quickly.

    It wouldn't be a huge problem except it only affects the player and doesn't affect the AI factions. Combined with the income "bonuses" the AI also gets, and it very quickly snowballs into a situation where you're completely outnumbered and overwhelmed. It doesn't make the game unwinnable by any means, but it does turn it into a horrible grind.
    Yea the "supply lines" mechanic is bad, CA could replace it with a real supply lines mechanic.
  • Grace_CAGrace_CA Creative Assembly Registered Users, Moderators, Administrators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff, Community Team Posts: 915
    Hi, in response specifically to the UI scaling issues, I just want to let you all know that we are aware of this issue and currently working on a solution to fix this, which we hope to have available shortly (ideally next week).
  • PERICLES1789PERICLES1789 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 147

    Hello, it seems that since the patch it is no longer possible to launch the game offline. It's too bad.
  • epic_159817030363AS6d3l9epic_159817030363AS6d3l9 Registered Users Posts: 103
    Why is that?
  • Hex AgorosHex Agoros Registered Users Posts: 59
    Grace_CA said:

    Hi, in response specifically to the UI scaling issues, I just want to let you all know that we are aware of this issue and currently working on a solution to fix this, which we hope to have available shortly (ideally next week).

    Amazons...where are they?
  • PofretPofret Registered Users Posts: 1
    Am I the only one that lost all his save files with the update?
    It just vanished, it is at the save files folder but the game is not recognizing it when I try to load it, the whole campaign vanished! Any idea how to fix it?
  • mooshdotjpegmooshdotjpeg Registered Users Posts: 38
    Still need a ranged unit nerf...
  • epic_159755142879yrdAZ27epic_159755142879yrdAZ27 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Having just completed a campaign as Hector(Hard/Hard) with the update I have some feedback. Thank you for the many bug fixes especially the bartering cheat. Envoys do not noticeably slow enemies when using the distract army action, please look into that and buff them. I like the idea of a spy nerf but they are overnerfed when performing actions against enemy armies, garrisons are just right now. I agree with everyone on here that supply lines is too high and should be scaled down. It's very weird how having a high tier stack that can 1v3 armies is cheaper to upkeep than 2 garbage tier stacks. I also think buildings with wood cost should be lower(~15% lower). Something is strange with triggering Epic missions and the nemesis mechanic. I was on turn 60 with 100+ settlements and never got a nemesis (I just have Phythia and a few Ithaca settlements left to take). Also I never got a prompt for Epic mission 10 (maybe I just need to keep waiting for it). The epic missions need to come earlier because in all my playthroughs I have already conquered Troy or my enemy by the time I get the mission to take Troy/conquer.
  • epic_159755142879yrdAZ27epic_159755142879yrdAZ27 Registered Users Posts: 3
    hassyy said:

    Is the epic client problem for a so slow update or just me?

    I think it's Epic store ...
    It is the epic store, I had the same problem and found a solution. Google "slow epic download 2020" and then follow the instructions of the first youtube video that pops up. It is a super quick fix and made my speeds jump from 500Kb/s to 20Mb/s.
  • fjc72fjc72 Registered Users Posts: 43
    where download the patch ,? i have auto update selected in the troy launcher on the epic launcher , so if patch already install how to know ?
  • BillyRuffianBillyRuffian Moderator UKRegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 39,766
    fjc72 said:

    where download the patch ,? i have auto update selected in the troy launcher on the epic launcher , so if patch already install how to know ?

    Answered in your own thread.

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  • JacobAKleinJacobAKlein Registered Users Posts: 5
    Is anyone else having problems with seers? Specifically the Ritual of the True Sight ability. I tried it twice and literally nothing happened. I sent them to a city with a Temple of Poseidon but my favor with him didn't budge. I'm also finding the favor system pretty restricting in general. In order to maintain a steady income of gold, I have to constantly use the priestess' Peddler of Prophecies/Visions skill, which means that the only reliable way to gain favor with the gods is to use hecatombs. But, once the hecatomb has cooled down and I can use it again, my cult level has gone down and I have to use it on the same god. I know that the hecatomb gives favor faster than it deteriorates, but the cap for the worshiped level is only 50 above the minimum requirement so the hecatomb can't give me enough favor to maintain my status with my favored god while also working to gain favor with someone else. I know I can also build temples, but that's pretty much a one-time thing and doesn't help with favor much in the long run. If you raised the cap for favor it would allow me to use hecatombs elsewhere and/or if you created more options for reliable gold income it would free up the use of priestesses, but as is it's gotten pretty stale.

    I also agree with everyone else about supply lines. For so long I found it hard to maintain even two decent armies, meanwhile my enemies were able to throw three or four different armies at me and I found myself overwhelmed. Even on easy mode I was constantly playing whack-a-mole, running around my kingdom just trying to maintain the regions I had with very slow progress because as soon as I conquered a region with a resource I needed I'd lose another region, run low on a different resource, and be unable to expand. Also, as soon as I managed to get to a region that produced gold, the AI had already depleted the gold mine and all the effort I went to to work my way over there was basically worthless.

    I'd also really like to see a major change to the diplomacy system. The reliability factor is especially frustrating. If you do anything at all out of line you get this huge penalty that takes forever to go away, making diplomacy pretty much useless for large portions of the game and there's nothing you can do about it. For instance, right now I have 64 standing with the Aetolians and -37 reliability. They are low in bronze and have abundant food. If I offer 500 bronze and request 500 food, there is still a -0.6 value to them accepting the deal. I basically started ignoring diplomacy because that negative reliability value won't go away for 37 turns so why even bother? I also found the series of alliances between AIs very hard to manage since it really limited my options for expansion if I wanted to keep certain allies, but I might just not have been paying close enough attention.

    Also, the way AIs evaluate resources for barter is still pretty broken. AIs keep making these ridiculous offers requesting huge amounts of gold while offering very little in return. That's probably because of the huge debuff to my diplomacy, but it's still annoying to get, like, three offers per turn for a barter agreement where I pay them around 60 gold per turn (with an income of 22) and they offer me around 80-90 wood per turn ( with an income of 1239). Of course I'm not going to accept that. Once, my finger slipped and I accidentally accepted one of these barter agreements and then I had to choose whether I wanted to lose all my gold or give up on diplomacy for even longer due to the negative reliability I'd get from breaking the agreement.

    I love the Total War franchise and, overall, I am still enjoying this game. I think the unique abilities for the faction leaders are really interesting and I really love the idea of the favor system with the gods and their unique agents/units. I understand that the game just came out so it's still going through some growing pains, so I just wanted to give my feedback so you could hopefully fix some of the issues I've been having going forward. I look forward to future updates and expansions as the game just keeps getting better!
  • MrCanisterMrCanister Registered Users Posts: 126

    I'd also really like to see a major change to the diplomacy system. The reliability factor is especially frustrating.

    After a few games I'm getting reliability hits way less frequently - I actually look at who I'm making deals with (first game I just spammed anything I could get for resources).
    But I still think the penalty could deteriorate faster when a single turn is so significant here. The amount of other ongoing diplomacy should play a role there - if a "lone wolf" breaks it, sure keep it at the snail pace because there's no other data to adjust it, but if somebody who's actively dealing with half of the map happens to mess up on one thing, the other activity should help bring it down faster.

  • xXSniper08XxxXSniper08Xx Registered Users Posts: 6
    Hello, (Google translation)

    I have a crash problem when launching the game (EGS launcher). I contacted Epic Games support: the problem would be due to missing files, and could be fixed by replacing them with the latest patch. However, it is impossible to contact SEGA to claim this patch.

    Can you help me ?

    thank you in advance

    Nikolas Alexandrov
  • Ulfhedinn_Ulfhedinn_ Registered Users Posts: 68
    My list of suggestions for improving the game:

    01- Fix battle animations (bring us something like it was in Rome II).
    02- Fix supply lines (current values ​​are very, very expensive).
    03- Improve the AI ​​of the main factions and make them less susceptible to confederation between them.
    04- Improve diplomacy (especially in exchange agreements).
    05- Fix moral (especially in the highest difficulties of the game, our troops flee very fast).
    06- Razed settlements should have an interval of 1-3 turns to be rebuilt / repopulated.
    07- More varieties of characters (more styles of beard and more varieties of armor should be sufficient).
    08- More varieties of maps (including coastal battles like Rome II).
    09- Remodel of Ajax and Diomedes in future DLC.
    10- In multiplayer, gods only will favor the side with the most worshipers between players (in battles).
    11- Creation of an optional DLC of total reskin of the game for the period of classic greece (as in the illustrations).
  • xXSniper08XxxXSniper08Xx Registered Users Posts: 6
    Hello, (sry for this translation)

    problem : solved !!

    The problem seemed to be with my hard drive. I fixed my problem by simply moving the installation folder to another hard drive. I think it was an incompatibility with the FAT32 to NTFS conversion that I did some time ago (because the new location of the game is also on an NTFS format hard drive ...)

    Thank you for your answer

    Nikolas Alexandrov
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