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Invisible agents, armies and miniatures (game-breaking IMHO)

Barrosh_3Barrosh_3 Registered Users Posts: 2
edited September 12 in Campaign and Battle Bugs
After the 1.10 patch all of my agents become invisible on the campaign map.
Also every agents and hero no longer have a miniature in the left bottom portion of the UI when selected.
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  • Barrosh_3Barrosh_3 Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited September 12
    It's becoming even worse: 2 of my 5 armies are totally invisible now, i can track them only trough the Heroes and agents panel. Not game-breaking but really really annoying.

    EDIT: nope! Totally game-breaking, that happens to some of enemy agents and armies too. Can't play without seeing enemy forces moving in my territories. Planning invasions, conquest and defense of my provinces are a nightmare right now.
    Going back to play Third Age Total War mod for Medieval 2 LOL

    2nd EDIT: 1.10 patch is a hot mess for me. Ending the turn will make the camera stutter all over the place over the campaign map. Also Odysseus confederated Agamennon and Achille in a time span of 2 turns (why is this even possible?) making my epic missions chain with Hector totally pointless cause Achille is defeated without even facing him (i was preparing my Hector for at least 15 turns to have a big battle with Achille and i would have enjoied it, now i got no more hype for this playtrough). Turn 85 and no reason to go further, that's sad.
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