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Fortress Gates Defence (Commandments/edicts)

Anglocaner#6167Anglocaner#6167 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 69
I have a suggestion for QoL when it comes to change the edicts for High Elves and The Empire Fortress Gates. Special The Empire that has no defence edicts. Get rid of the ordinary edicts and add growth to the defence edicts. The High Elves have at least one defence edicts. Maybe each race shall have different perks. For example +/- corruption. And another thing, you must be allied to go through the Fortress Gates or INSTANT declaration of war! In other words; it should not be possible for a neutral / enemy to go through the gates.

Veni, vidi, vici
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  • Emperor_krkEmperor_krk Registered Users Posts: 23
    Both good suggestions, I have another one concerning Fortress Gates: High Elf gameplay would really benefit from random events concerning (especially) those, similar to the ones Empire factions get. What I mean is a random enemy army spawning next to the gate (Beastmen/DE/Chaos/Norsca/maybe Greenskins) and attacking it, with the player getting a dilemma event allowing him to take part in the battle with a small reinforcement (cost: cash, rewards: influence and relations boost with gate owner) - i.e., High Elves helping each other with defence of their island.
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