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Seriously, CA, Please Proofread the Chinese Translation(s)

diabetes1874diabetes1874 Registered Users Posts: 17
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This game is wonderful, but it's Chinese translation(s) really deserve a review.

I am a translator myself and I have worked on a lot of game projects, so I totally understand how they are usually done and the procedures it takes.

The translations we are reading are most likely pieces put together by several translators. Most of them (more likely, all of them) don't have the chance to play the game they are translating -- not to mention they are not necessarily players of any games.

It works well sometimes, for games with simple mechanics and backgrounds, but we are talking about TOTAL WAR WITH THREE KINGDOMS here.

I will name a few here.

1. Some of your translators obviously do not have sufficient knowledge for this job.

I bought A World Betrayed with pure excitement but it's all turned off when I saw Camp Crushers was translated as "破寨軍".

Dude, seriously?

"陷陣營" is the original Chinese name of this reputed elite troop, first written in the Records of Heroes (英雄記) by Wang Can.

It is too well known to be back-translated into something else, this mistake is...... unacceptable.

2. When I started Lu Bu's campaign, the first sentence my narrator said was, "After you have killed Lu Bu......" (in Chinese)

After Lu Bu killing Lu Bu. Alright.

3. I have been hearing my characters saying "依我看,你已取得了進步" in battles, which I can back translate it to "I see you have made some progress" with the context.

But honestly, it's just incomprehensible in Chinese, more like saying "I see you've received some improvement", which I don't know wtf it means when it pops up in the middle of the battle.

Among some other weird battle dialogues, this one annoys me the most. I am 99% sure your translator's name is Google. Otherwise, I dare saying whoever translated this for you probably failed most of their high school Chinese exams.

And it saddens me that you even paid money on dubbing (excellent voice actors, btw) with these poorly translated lines. Please let the translation itself "receive some improvement".

It's just some of the errors I have found in the TC version. I haven't tried the game in Simplified Chinese, but from what I've heard, it's even worse.

I would say it's a common sin in the game industry, good translations are actually rarely seen. The translation procedure itself is a limiting factor to an accurate translation, sometimes errors are unavoidable.

But come on, if it is a game taking advantage of a specific cultural background, at least have it done properly for that original language.

For the record, I think the TC translation team in fact has a good command of the language and they have done a great job to use the ancient writing style so fittingly. A second opinion, however, is desperately needed.

This game really deserves a proofreader, who actually spends time playing the game and is familiar with the book and the history.

For a reasonable price, I will be happy to fix these myself; but as a player and a customer, I will just be equally contented if you can do your fans a favor: find someone qualified for the job and deliver us an immersive experience in the Three Kingdoms.
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