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There are too few faction colours

athelwulfathelwulf Registered Users Posts: 5
edited September 2020 in General Discussion
It seems like all people in east wear only green cloth, which makes the battle scene more chaotic. Other TW like three kingdoms or Rome Ⅱ have more faction colours,
so it is easy to distinguish the enemy from the enemy on the battlefield scene.
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  • AdmiralJelloAdmiralJello Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 519
    I like that the faction uniforms are based on real clothing colors instead of the "sports team" style color-coded uniforms of previous TW games. Those were always annoying -- we all remember the weirdly pink Parthians.
  • DariosDarios Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 484
    Not really a fan of faction uniforms....Rome 2 was an annoying step in the wrong direction in this regard.

    I love the color scheme for the units in Troy.
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