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In ProgressBug - No walls on capital, field battle with siege weapons

imsneakypotatoimsneakypotato Registered Users Posts: 6
edited October 2019 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Hi, i think i found a pretty awful bug. I was playing skaven as Ikit Claw, starting in Skavenblight. After some time my capital get attacked by Tilea. Unfortunatelly i didnt have any army in here. So it was just base defense against their army. I decieded to wait until they attack so i can hide behind the walls, and they did, but it was not a siege battle. It was basic field battle for my undercity without any god damm walls, considering I'm playing on legendary and very hard battle dif, it was almost insane to defeat their two full stack armies. But i tried and...this bug goes even worse. They had few siege towers in field battle and they also have units in those siege towers. So in result i killed all enemy units, but those in towers was stuck forever. After battetime run out it results in draw and whole proccess is repeated multiple times in each battle which basically completely ruin my campaign. There is also no "walls" icon in campaign map, city is expanded to level 4.

I did not use any mods whatsoever, I have all dlcs and latest patch (not beta).

I actually manage to replicate this issue. As Ikit Claw if you farm enough food at start, then lose skavenblight to rebel army and recolonize it on level 4 with food, sometimes after that you get next turn information about buildings that was criticaly damaged. All building are damaged but they are at like 99%, before repairing and after, city is completely without walls, which result in this bug.
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