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Can not get Directx11 show up with Lucid Virtu

tamama520tamama520 Junior MemberPosts: 2Registered Users
I click on play and only Directx 9 , 10 show up, then I click ok with directx10 and Total war screen show up with a lot of small black line. I go to option and graphic, and it said my graphic card is intel HD graphic. Every click the screen show so many small black line. If I turn off the intel hd graphic on system. Directx 9 and 11 show up and I have no problem playing.

I have a HD6850 GC and z68 MB and i5 2500k cpu
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  • tamama520tamama520 Junior Member Posts: 2Registered Users
    edited December 2011
    windows 7 64 bit
  • IscaranIscaran Tech-Hero. Posts: 4,229Registered Users
    edited December 2011
    Sorry - what exactly is the problem ?

    that the automatic graphic switching between the IGP and the 6850 is not working ?

    You could try to create a custom game profile or update the AMD and/or intel driver or update the catalyst application profiles (CAPs).


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