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Wood Elves vs Skaven trailer prediction



  • PandabaronPandabaron Registered Users Posts: 267
    edited October 2020
    Okay hear me out; a skavenslave appears from the mist, only to be horribly mauled by a dinosaur, Nakai enters stage left wearing spectacles, wielding a masonry hammer, wondering where he’s going to construct another economic growth building as he’s changed from a horde team to a playable faction.

    Also the wood elves are there.
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  • LunaticprinceLunaticprince Registered Users Posts: 6,524
    I would love a Alien Refrence as wood elven Warrior go to the tunnels and getting snatch out of the dark.

    WE yes hobbit reference would be nice, maybe wood elves jump around trees.

  • HowTheStarsBurnHowTheStarsBurn Registered Users Posts: 724
    Aliens could work, the WEs like the marines, they sense them coming but don't see them until they are right on top of them, and then all hell breaks loose, arrows flying everywhere, and then you'll have the rat queen, aka brood horror or whatever monstrous unit comes, Ariel appears as a God to fight it. Good choice because Alien is pretty universally known.
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