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Clan Skryre crashes to desktop

Keijo_EemilKeijo_Eemil Registered Users Posts: 3
Doing Ikit Claw Vortex campaign, and earlier did Ikit ME campaign. I have experienced frequent crashes in both. To the point, that I am now unable to conquer Naggarond, as the siege battle crashes everytime. The problem seems to be linked to Skaven specifically, and is most common in siege battles.

I have completed previously Tyrion Vortex, and Vlad, Azhag and Malektih ME campaigns. With very few problems if any.

The game freezes mid-battle, but music and sounds keep going. Like game has been paused. Units stop moving and can't be seleceted, though the unit icon avatar keeps moving. Shortly afterwards, the game crashes to desktop.

I use no mods with Ikit.
I did use "No confederation cheats for AI" with Azhag, as the Ordertide got a bith tiring in my Vlad campaing.

I have tried every trick from these steps: https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/2019-tips-total-war-warhammer-ii-crashing/#g
I have also tried lowering graph settings and lowering my cpu clock, older / latest nvidia drivers. No joy.

It also seems like I am not the only one with this issue unsolvable.

Setup: i5 6600k, Asus Z170 Pro gaming, RTX 2070, 16GB DDR4.
Latest BIOS, now latest nvidia drivers as older ones were no better.

Attached usual files.
v 1.9.2 build


  • Keijo_EemilKeijo_Eemil Registered Users Posts: 3
    Possible culprit is the RoR Mortar, Avalanche. Further below I found issue identical to mine, caused by the mortar.

    It's unfortunate, as Avalanche is so damn fun.
  • StubjjStubjj Registered Users Posts: 3
    Same situation for me. Slight pause then crash to desktop. Ikit vortex campaign with mortars at level 2 upgrades atm. Really hope this gets fixed cause the RoR mortar might be the best unit in the game.
  • MigromuhlMigromuhl Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited October 11
    I have CTD in siege battles as well.

    But I believe I have a link:

    It seems I have ctd as soon as I break a wall with the scaven grinders. This not only happens in Ikkits campaign but with every scaven-faction.

    I also have a workaround: don't WATCH the breaking. (Turn your camera away.)

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