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I wish CA would let us watch a dlcs development from start to finish!

overtaker40overtaker40 Registered Users Posts: 830
imagine watching short clips and reading Dev blogs where we could see the whole process throwing ideas around and picking the story they will tell. The discussions they have around concept art and the testing of unique mechanics. moving through the construction of the 3d models and finally on to pre-alpha testing, polish and release.

Not for every dlc mind you, a surprise content dump is still a nice feeling. Just from time to time we could see how things are going and become invested because we appreciate the artistry that goes into the construction of the dlc.

People would probably be more empathetic to release schedule changes. If they were, given the chance, to fully comprehended the sheer amount of work that goes into the games they play.
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  • HerrickHerrick Registered Users Posts: 240
    edited October 2020
    One of the reasons why I stopped playing TW games was because of lack of communication and it would take them months to develope a patch.

    When I started playing other games from paradox and from the civilization series I actually started to feel that I belonged to an online community and that the developers appreciate their fans.

    Paradox gives weekly blogs about their plans and development and they respond in their official forums! The civilization franchise constantly make statements that they love their fans.

    CA isn't the same as before.

    I know that I will receive a lot of hate because of this post but this is what I experienced and what I feel.
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