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Navies Navies Navies!

JananSutherlandJananSutherland Registered Users Posts: 2
Am I the only one missing the strategic depth and exciting tactical gameplay that navies brought to the TW series like in Empire, Shogun 2..and even Rome 2 (ie. combined amphibious assaults). I miss this so much that my loyalty is starting to wave and consider jumping ship to games like Ultimate Admiral or other titles.

Side Note: what about introduction of historically accurate cities/ports/fortresses to the game (like we had with Carthage/Rome and Constantinople like we had in Rome 2 and Attila respectively. Historical fans are starving for this!!


  • CommisarCommisar Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,521
    As I've said in similar thread, there's good reason there's not been navies in the recent games. They weren't there. There wasn't navies built and used in combat in these periods, looking at them more as transports.

    They've done the closest they can for them. There isn't actually a historically accurate city, even Carthage and Rome weren't. They are inspired and based off the buildings and tech you have and is in use in the city/town.
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