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Shogun 2 siege units is useless

Shogun2 is nearly in a perfect form. The siege units in shogun 2 is Totally USELESS!!! I mean no matter is player or computer, no one is using it except in the tutorial the first time i played

My suggestion is
1) Fire Projecting Mangonels should add wheels it, allow mobility and attack different wall and gates. Also, add a few more ammo.

2) European cannon should be able to deploy more area (closer to center) because they are unmovable. And also increase ammo and maybe cheaper upkeeping cost.

Please make it perfect for this game.


  • JerroserJerroser Registered Users Posts: 423
    Although I agree they are both pretty much useless, its far too late now for this to be changed since the game stopped receiving support quite a while ago. I feel it would work better to allow them to allow the catapults to be disassembled and relocated during a battle rather than simply giving them wheels.

    Part of the issue is that this sort of weapon was really only used during sieges for damaging the fortifications themselves and they have made them so in accurate its almost impossible for them to his anything. Combined with the fact that a lot of castle maps are on hills were the optimal firing spots are outside of the deployment zones. But this really won't change the fact that they are a waste of a unit slot during field battles if they try and make them work in a way that's accurate to history. They already have something similar in 3 Kingdoms, which are much more dangerous against regular units than it should and they completely brake the game if you choose to use them.
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