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Army units blobbing into useless messes

VoodooVirusVoodooVirus Registered Users Posts: 27
Do other TW games have this issue when you surround an enemy unit with several melee units they just begin to form into a tight mess of units that no longer seem to be attacking but constantly repositioning? This happens most frequently against routing enemies. Or if you are using missile units they all just start blending into the other missile units formations as they chase something or are funneling through a choke which afterward prevents them from firing as they are too close to each other...

The opposite seems to be the case for when the AI swarms and outnumbers something of yours where they seem to be able to keep chipping away at whatever got swarmed while your units in the swarm can't do anything...

Third occurs when units are pathing in city roads where they seem to decide to change formations into senseless swirls where the outer most units go inward and then back out and if they are chasing anything it causes those units to disengage.

Wish the units were given better collision to prevent these scenarios.


  • mooshdotjpegmooshdotjpeg Registered Users Posts: 38
    I don't see it when actually fighting, when chasing routing units my own units seem to be incapable of doing anything. They just chase behind the fleeing enemy but never really bother to kill them. A few get killed, but never can I actually destroy an entire unit on the rout unless I use ranged units.
  • kmansp38kmansp38 Registered Users Posts: 200
    Blobbing def needs to be fixed. This has always been an issue to some degree in previous total war games, but for some reason it's at its worst in Troy. You will see just the first few guys in the blob fight while everyone behind stays in the back, even in an open field.

    Totally kills the excitement of playing and watching the battles.
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