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New 【Music Mod】 for Napoleon Total War, In case you get tired with the original music.

TearshakeTearshake Registered Users Posts: 3
This music mod is made by [LRK]Tearshake on 2/6/19.
Here's my 【Steam link】https://steamcommunity.com/id/tearshake/
Music mod【Google Drive link】https://drive.google.com/open?id=122KAi33RuUgRE5bIAUjaTzEY2ReEfajJ
This music mod contains:
1. Game menu music replacement
2. Load progress bar music replacement
3. Land battles all music replacement
4. Naval battles preparation music replacement
5. Wind sound reducation (no noisy big wind sound)
6. Gun sound improvement (a little clearer)
Installation tutorial:
1. Copy 【ntw_sfx_t2.pack】 into the data folder.
2. Replace the original file in the data folder with 【patch. pack】.
If you want to restore game music, delete the file and put the original file back.


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