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Horde panel on Empire campaign

pucliopuclio Registered Users Posts: 1
Encountered a really weird bug. Wanted to play some good old Karl Franz campaign on Mortal Kingdoms, but on the second turn - he gets a horde panel. Yup. But he can't build anything (that would at least compensate for such a weird and out of place bug), and he can only recruit while encamped or garrisoned. Some save files were corrupted too...

Even though I use mods, they add units, appearance changes and other minor changes to the game, so it shouldn't completely put the game out of balance like that, so don't blame it on them, CA. I don't mean to be rude CA, but I pay big money for your dlc's, and if it's because I got mods (which are updated, except one that just adds a unit to Empire) then you really oughta reduce the price, because with the price you put on each dlc n the game, I should be able to expect that your game (the product) runs smoothly and don't get completely botched by some minor changes.

So please help me with this, or I'd like a full refund for the game and for all dlc's

Anyone else experiencing this issue?


  • MasterSayo01MasterSayo01 Registered Users Posts: 342
    What you can do or try, playing the Mortal Empires (Grand Campaign) with the legendary lord Emperor Karl Franz without the mods. ;)

    If the issue is gone, then you know that some of the mods make this issue. :/

    And if the issue isn't gone without the mods, then it is a bug in the game. :/

    Also, I play too the Empire Reikland in Mortal Empires (Grand Campaign) with the Emperor Karl Franz without mods! :*
    And this issue is new for me. :/

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