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Diplomacy with Rome

JodyJody MemberPosts: 30Registered Users
edited May 2012 in Rome: Total War
I'm playing the short campaign as the Greeks, and currently control 14 provinces. Right now, I'm trying to focus all my forces on Thrace (my ally, which I am about to betray), and Pontus (who is a thorn in my side). However, my western coastal border with the Brutii does not have enough troops to stop a full scale Brutii invasion. I do not want to attack Thrace without having a ceasefire declared. Pontus is really a big thorn in my side, and I plan on shipping a handle full of armies into Asia Minor, however, I can only do this with a ceasefire with the Brutii. Currently I have three full stalked armies on my western border, but I have a feeling that the Brutii are mustering up enough troops to take my western defences. They've already tried unsuccessfully to try to take one of my towns three times.

The Julii are not a huge threat, but they are giving my navy a run for it's money (my navy's still superior, but it has weakened over the years). The Scipii are a non-existent threat. Which is great. x]

My economy is by far one of the best in the game, and I have the most advanced army as well. However, with the potential of having all of Rome unite, I need a solution very, very fast.

I do hope to have a ceasefire declared.. soon. But I really need your guys help for it.
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  • Gordon003Gordon003 Senior Member Posts: 124Registered Users
    edited December 2011
    I think there's no way you can offer peace to Rome unless you have a lot of moneys. They never give up against their main rival like Gaul and Cathagian. You better finish your campaign quickly before the Roman raise a huge army and attacke you.
  • Brenticus1Brenticus1 Senior Member Posts: 643Registered Users
    edited December 2011
    if your greece, just recruit about 8 phalanx units for your cities along the border against the romans, position them in key locations, and your flank is secure.
    Also, why are you going to betray thrance? Kill your enemies first, THEN kill your friends!
    The more you kill, the less the lag.
  • chenshaschenshas Junior Member Posts: 26Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    i say why bother with diplomacy recruit large amounts of archers and hopitles(armoured if you can afford it)and massive navial fleets and hit the brutii ships hard and there the front lines with your phalanxes oh and recruit plenty of mercnaries they will help to be support units for your hoptiles..oh and redirect your campain to asia minor to the scipii terratories of sicily
  • SovietIronCurtainSovietIronCurtain Member Posts: 36Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    Well try to think ahead alittle here before you start a 3-front war and become overwhelmed and (most likely) defeated (im guessing by the Brutti since Rome is OPed anyway)

    Pontus should be your last priority between the 3 forces your going to fight.

    Keep Thrace around for a bit longer, then invade (if can spare some forces have them deployed at key areas to blitz Thracian forces and cities.)

    The Brutti should be your first and most serious concern, since the Romans will NEVER accept a ceasefire with a nation after they declare war (seems stupid yes, but trust me, your talking to deaf ears in Rome)

    Just keep a comfortable garrison towards Pontus, and focus most if not the rest against the Brutti and kick/keep them out of Greece

    After that, you can do a quick campaign into Thrace, then finally put everything towards Pontus.
  • chenshaschenshas Junior Member Posts: 26Registered Users
    edited May 2012
    i like that plan plus always make sure you have a fail safe zone(city hidden int he shadows with your faction leader there)like crete or rhodes
  • TheImperatorofRomeTheImperatorofRome Senior Member Posts: 556Registered Users
    edited May 2012
    Whats your diplmacy with other countries near you such as Egypt, Selucia, Carthage etc?
    If you are friendly with the Eastern Countries, Rhodes seems like a good fall-back but hopefully that wont happen. And hows Sparta coming along? If yoiu have the Elite barracks (or whatever its called), you can pump out Spartan Hoplites. Now those will really help against pretty much any invaders. I always keep a stack (or two, depending on my economy) in or around Sparta in case of a rush from Rome or the north.
  • flamingryu30flamingryu30 Senior Member Posts: 884Registered Users
    edited May 2012
    We have all pointed out how near impossible it is to be at peace with the romans for long when you are the greeks so my advice is to limit the ways in which they can attack first you got to have all of macedonia and make your land around greece a fortress by putting some strong armies along the north border. You don't have to worry about the seas if you can keep up a strong navy that keeps the roman navies specifically the ones that carry troops and by keeping the roman navy back you can then keep the roman land forces from crossing the alps and they will come through that east passage every time keep them back from getting past that path and you will be safe. As long as this is done efficiently you can go do whatever else you want.
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