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I am thoroughly excited for the new RoR

ALHDONALHDON EstaliaRegistered Users Posts: 574
I know that RoR (regiment of renown) units aren't for everyone, not everyone likes them but I for one really like the new ones coming with The Twisted and the Twilight, of course, there's the headliners like the ethereal great stag knights and the mutant rat ogre with berserker (I think, I don't remember properly). i think all these new RoR have a new impact to armies.

what is everyone's opinion on these new RoR or RoR in general? anything you'd change or any unit you wish had a RoR (looking at you Brood Horror)?
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  • dodge33cymrudodge33cymru Registered Users Posts: 2,831
    Typically I really like RoR, but not much for me in this pack - in fairness, it's a very monster-y pack and I'm more about the units, so it wasn't likely to appeal.

    I'm a bit wary of them adding etheral units to too many armies and I'm not a fan of the megastag look anyway.

    But in general, I really like the concept and like having slight variants on units. Recently they all seem to need to make them super special, whereas I'd be perfectly happy with improved stats and a new graphical part or two; they add some nice flavour.
  • Theo91Theo91 Registered Users Posts: 2,364
    i think the RoR look cool. love the animations on the stags and i always quite like elite ethereal units... means the enemy has to bring something with magic damage.

    my only complaint is theres only 6 rors - would have liked more
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