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Request to CA: Sister's missions from Naieth on ME

coury97coury97 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 687
edited November 2020 in General Discussion
Hey guys, like many of you already know, Naieth's missions are given to the sisters on campaign and herself as an advisor, the only thing i wanted to ask for is that this gets translated into the mortal empires map.

It really bothers me that it seems that since ME is the prime "sandboxy" campaign, they strip away anything story driven from the campaigns contrary at how they are in Vortex, when it's not necesary. Those missions could give you something else to do on ME and make the appearence of another WE character not only tied to the Vortex but to the Warhammer world.

On a similar note, i'd like the cinematics and story driven cutscenes applied when it makes sense on ME. Really miss them as Eltharion, but playing Vortex as him means less greenskins to kill, so i can't go back to it.


  • YrellianYrellian Registered Users Posts: 1,643
    I am glad it does not translate into ME. I need my Naieth in game 3. I need a pure caster LL for WElves.

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  • ArneSoArneSo Hamburg, Germany Registered Users Posts: 18,135
    Yeah would be great to have them in ME
  • RomeoRejectRomeoReject Registered Users Posts: 1,865

    I am glad it does not translate into ME. I need my Naieth in game 3. I need a pure caster LL for WElves.

    Agreed, that'll be the only chance she has at appearing, so hopefully she doesn't get thrown in to Mortal Empires.
  • Ingr8Ingr8 Registered Users Posts: 1,649
    If it is not already in the game (and I genuinely don't know) it is probably too late for CA to include this now - based on today's stream it seems like there are still some bugs to be ironed out and they are likely to be concentrating on that rather than amending features at this late stage.

    Vortex is the primary map in the game and, I presume, remains CA's priority.
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