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Do single units that surround a single entity cause the flanked debuffs?

tron1tron1 Registered Users Posts: 3
Say for example a scorpion dives into the middle of a single unit of spearmen.

Do the spearmen enjoy rear/side attacks and its associated benefits against the scorpion?


  • CA_DuckCA_Duck Registered Users, CA Staff Posts: 1,617
    There's two layers that flanking operates on:

    1. Morale: Morale modifiers for flanking operate on a unit vs unit position. In this case what matter is the initial engagement direction of the units. For example if you started the engagement with attacking an enemy unit in the rear, that enemy unit would consider itself rear flanked for as long those units are engaged.

    2. Combat modifiers: This is calculated on a per entity basis. So if a Scorpion is fully surrounded, some of the Spearmen would be getting flank and rear attack modifiers for their attacks.
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  • tron1tron1 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Ah thats very interesting. I didn't realise they were separate. On the first point, its never come up but I've always assumed that if a flanked unit's front engagement goes away, its no longer a rear flanked. Maybe some cav shenanigans are in order.
  • ConanthelibrarianConanthelibrarian Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 175
    Great question and answer. Been playing for years and never knew that!

  • GuillermidasGuillermidas MadridRegistered Users Posts: 176
    In TT, there were “normal” units and “hostigadores”/“single entities” (not sure how to spell it in english, but they are disperse units such as Chamaleon, Shades an so.

    This type could not have flanking penalties, but could not apply it to enemies either.

    But these mechanics do not make sense in a total war game. At least not with “hostigadores”, as they would be probably 60 of them at least (large size unit applied).

    This is one thing that in my opinion, CA did way better than Games Workshop, as you can actually use a thematic eshiin (skaven) army and still do some serious damage without insta crumble, for example.
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  • tron1tron1 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Just one more question, if combat modifiers are on a per entity basis, am I right in thinking the entities doesn't suffer non-morale debuff penalties beyond the first rear charge/hit then, since the back lines would turn around and start fighting?

    So an unbreakable/high leadership unit doesn't really suffer (stats-wise) from staying surrounded beyond the initial flanking hit?
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