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Revert the nerfs to V.Counts' Dark Pact and Ungrim in T&T update

RoksoRokso Registered Users Posts: 36
The lord skill “dark pact” now grants +5 leadership (when attacking) down from +15

Ungrim’s skill “Slayer King” now grants +5 melee attack to slayers, down from +10
Lord effect:
Now grants +5 melee attack to slayers, down from +10.
Ungrim’s “Journey’s end” ability for slayers now disables at 75% hit-points remaining instead of 50%.

Are you joking CA?
WHY nerf these factions? Vamp counts need the +15 leadership to deal with the real OP Empire "purge' techs that grant +10 leadership/+10 MD and their generally high leadership.

And why nerf Ungrim he's a fun flavor faction/lord. People already make fun of Slayers endlessly. Slayers are losing +10 MA and lose models sooner in a game where MELEE units are already at a HEAVY disadvantage. At 75% the unit will be dead before reaching the enemy.

Now this might be an overreaction since the unit change notes are not available yet. These factions and units could be getting compensated with buffs to make the difference. I expect Slayers to get a +10 MA buff and all vamp units +10 leadership.


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