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The good, the neutral and the bad (my short humble opinion)

RiddlebickRiddlebick Registered Users Posts: 254
I've just finished my short vh/vh ME-campaign with Sisters of Twilight and wanted to quickly share a few thoughts about the DLC and the current state of the game.

Careful, minor SPOILERS ! ! !

The good:
- The Paths to Victory
Your aim, get Athel Loren regrown. To achieve that, you have to first regrow a few minor forests. You face different foes, depending on the LL you pick and the forests you choose to regrow - and it is just simply great. This alone creates diversity enough to keep me playing, and creates additional replayability for the LLs as you can't really be everywhere. Next time, Lustria!

- Order gives buffs and debuffs
No idea if they changed it before and I just didn't notice or it is exclusive. If Order is low you get higher construction times and stuff and vice versa. Great! For my taste they could go even further with the buffs and debuffs but great nonetheless.

- Roster diversity and balance
In campaign I was able to use every unit (after 60/70 turns in) and felt like it had impact and a certain strategic use. Tier 1 Units get outclassed early on but due to my financal situation I never used only higher tier ones.

- Confederation
I just love to be able to collect LL in my campaigns. I am glad it is still a thing and with the early vision on all WE folk it can be achieved before they are whiped out. Sadly there is no way to snatch a defeated Lord. To compensate that, I can recommend "Recruit defeated LL" mod.

- Ariel the Legendary Hero
She is supreme. Her skill-tree is just powerfull. Just fun to have her in the army. I can't wait to see more LHs like her to be implemented like this.

- Statistics
I admit, I love statistics. Want to see what unit did best? - Kills don't really tell. But now with the new "Calculated Damage done according to the damaged Unit cost" you directly see the impact! I really really love this new feature!

The neutral:

- friends and foes
I allied with the Tomb Kings next to me and stayed friends with all HE Factions. Still I couldn't befriend the Empire or GS. Power and Aversion debuff couldn't be overruled with my money. That was sad. Those attitude debuffs are too heavy for my taste, but might fit the theme and other players will surely like it, so really just my taste I guess.

- The bureaucracy and time
As soon as you have multiple armies with multiple heroes, lords and cities the time you have to spend doing the same over and over again increases. I love the mod that gives you a skill-que so you can pre-select the skills you want. I would wish it was fixed in game. Another thing that I would really love is to have the possibility to select the AI to be in charge of certain cities or armies. Or atleast be able to automatically skip battles that are 100% lost.

The bad:

- Everyone is passive
As I allied with the Tomb Kings nearby I formed a plan to make them my shield in the north against the DE. I would raze and defeat the armies and he could get the easy targets to grow stronger aswell. He created armies but sadly kept them guarding his hometown. Up to turn 100 he had conqued only 5 cities. This made me sad. But not only my ally is passive, nearly every minor race is. They just wait for a major one to declare war on them and be conquered. Would be nice to see everyone trying to expand a bit.

- Loot, Raze, Settle (whack a mole)
As I tried to conquer DE territory north, Norsca razed my settled cities while other DE settled my razed cities. War in the end game is just whack a mole without an ally that can help you to whack and conquer. This is the ONLY thing I really hate with this game and makes me to usally drop campaigns before reaching tier 5 Units.

- The Forge
Same as the moon for BM or the ancestor decisions for the White Dwarf. Okay to have, but I would rather not have it and have 1 reskin unit variant more for any faction.

TLDR (Too long - didn't read):
The campaign is a blast. Some things changed, those are great. Some good things stay the same, sadly some bad stay aswell.

I tried to keep it short. I hope it got something interesting for you to read.
If you have/had a different experience I would gladly read yours. Did I miss something that you think stood out most?



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