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Confederation and Diplomacy

LostCruzerLostCruzer Registered Users Posts: 1
Hey everyone,

Not sure if this the place, but I've been looking for this in particular and can't seem to find the answer. The question is pretty simple why when we confederate a tribe which was previously our vassal we get -10 reliability rating? I get in game we are breaking the vassal treaty and that's what gets us in the red, but gameplay wise it just feels silly to me, much more so when it's a vassal state asking to join. Can anyone explain this a bit better to me? Am I missing something?



  • BoicoteBoicote Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 825
    edited December 2020
    Every choice in this game has pros and cons. If you annex a vassal you will get their army and territory but all other factions will not appreciate your move because you are abolishing the sovereignty of another faction.
    It makes sense to me. For example, when Russia annexed Crimea, the international community was outraged and applied sanctions on Russia.
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