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Mod Request: Draugr for Norsce and Deadites for Vampire Faction

Spadez86Spadez86 Registered Users Posts: 3
Would it be possible to create Draugr units from the regular Draugr to the Draugr DeathLord for Norsce Faction? Not sure how the armor editing works but i would think of using Norsce Marauder armor on Undead Champions or something


Deadite units for Vampire Count faction. Would be cool if it was its own faction where the Necronomicon was used to summon more Demons ( modded Chaos Beasts, Norsce Monsters etc)

I was just curious if it could be done. As ive said in another request, i have no clue how to mod so i don't know what can and cant be done.


  • RomeoRejectRomeoReject Registered Users Posts: 1,865
    Unique assets are something that are extremely difficult and time-consuming in Total Warhammer, and audio is completely impossible. So while it could hypothetically be done, it probably wouldn't be what you were hoping for. It'd just be a reskinned Zombie at best, an actual Zombie port more realistically.

    It would also have to be left on Nexus, as the Workshop rules state you can't make things from other IPs.

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