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Mods for Rome 2 on Mac

MacForRome2MacForRome2 Registered Users Posts: 1
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Im a huge fan of the total war games. However, I never was able to play them growing up because I have a Mac computer. I have finally been able to play Shogan 2 and Rome 2 when they came to Mac a few years ago. I have loved playing Shogan 2 and have used mods since this game has a game manager in steam. Yet, Rome 2 doesn't have this ability. We are not able to add mods to Rome 2 and after 25 hours of searching, I have found nothing. Please allow Rome 2 to have a game manager like Shogan 2 for Macs. We love this game and have continued to play this game for 7+ years. Please add this component to this game. Help this already amazing community keep growing.
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  • GluutenGluuten Registered Users Posts: 6
    Hello comrade, I agree 100%.

    The reason that Rome II & Attila don't have the game manager on Mac is due to the fact that they are ported by Creative Assembly instead of Feral Interactive.

    The most annoying part about it is that CA has a launcher for those games on Windows 10, but the Mac version seems to be abandoned.

    I hope they add one to Mac someday, but I kind of doubt they will.
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