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Many questions about agents

ChicoperarioChicoperario Registered Users Posts: 261
edited December 2020 in General Discussion
I searched far and wide on the internet but couldn't find the answer for these questions below. First, sorry about any english mistake, i learned english with videogames (yay!) but I still have to look up though, through and thought.

Most agents in Troy TW receive several different types of buffs from their skill trees that are not very well explained in game, so after playing through the campaing a couple times, I wrote down several questions:


(1) Poison: skills that say "+2% damage to all units from poison", what does that mean? Does it increase the damage of "poison the well", "murmurs of sedition", or both?

(2) the skills "wicked poisoner" (poison the enemy army to wound it's leader) and "rampage" (deals some % attrition to the enemy army after sucessfull assassination); do they interact? Does removing a hero though "Poison the Well" counts as an assassination?

(3) bug on assassination chance? I've seem this consistently in multiple playthroughs; I've build up one of my spies to be a master assassin, took all skills that increase % of incapacitating enemy characters, etc. This guy succeeds in 95% of his assassination attempts; yet, when targeting a hero, the chance os success shows up as 70%-100%, where attacking enemy agents the success chance is usually 19%-32% (but i still succeed nearly 100% of the time). Whats up with that?

(3.1) On that note, isn't that overpowered? Imagine if the AI built up their agents like that, a single spy clearing your entire roster of high level agents, leaving your armies without a leader 1-3x times per turn, etc... god that would really kill my will to keep playing haha. Maybe I should stop abusing agents so much...

(4) I can't remember the skill names right now (didn't wrote them up", but some of the spy skills that protect him from enemy agentes say "-10% enemy action success chance" and other says "-10% action success chance when this agent is idle", whats the difference?


(5) "Seeds of dissent" (spread your influence in enemy provinces) and "venerate the ancestors" (influence in your own provinces) REALLY don't work together... and I can't figure out how they interact.

I used a hero with "alert" and other decrees/buildings to recruit 2 envoys at lvl 13 iirc. Deciced to build one up for boosting influence in my province, and one to boost influence in foreign territory, because I had a ton of provinces that I was sharing regions with my allies. So I moved both agents to one of those provinces; used "venerate the ancestors" and my influence there went from +0,5%/turn to +4% turn, nice; then used the other agent on the foreign region (same province) and it reduced my influence growth to +2%, but how??? The numbers that show up when you mouse over influence just doesn't add up. Using the skills on a different order doesn't seem to help either. In fact, I don't think Seeds of Dissent is working at all...

(6) Resources bonuses: an envoy built up for boosting resources can get up to +60% to all resources in a province, with another +20% to wood or stone; some of these bonuses are only when "idle", which means??? If the envoy uses a skill, like venerate the ancestors, the bonus is lost for the turn? I don't know. Nevertheless, I have two problems with that >

(6.1) That's not good enough. A late game army with 19 elite units can easily cost 5 thousand food 1.5 thousand bronze in upkeep; an upkeep reducing envoy can reduce it by 45%, while also giving other bonuses (+ damage, +melee attack, etc); in comparisson, my best 4-region provinces are producing 4 thousand resources. The resource bonus to that province does not compare with the savings on upkeep on my elite army, never mind the army bonuses that I don't get if the envoy sits idle at home!

(6.2) It's not working? What I mean is, if a province has negative satisfaction, and I move a priestess or a hero there, the local satisfatcion immediatelly goes up, you just have to click off and on the settlement again for the display to update. The same doesn't seem to work with envoys; my settlement was producing 700 food, moved an envoy with +30% resources there and the food number didn't change; waited one turn so the envoy could be considered "idle" and the number remained at 700. What am I doing wrong?


(7) multiple omens: before siege battles, if a Priestess give me a bad omen, I can just click to keep the siege going, then go back to the same army and try for a positive Omen again. Is that working as intended? Do the negative omen and and positive omen bonuses stack?

(8) when a priestess take a skills that increase favour from settlement rituals at the cost of the ritual being more expensive, it seems like the bonus is only for that one priestess, but the increase in cost affect all priestess? Or am I seeing things.


(9) army debuffs: Spies can cause debuffs with successfull assassinations; envoys can aply debuffs with "lead astray" and priestess with "oration of dread"; but how long do they last? I suppose "lead astray" lasts AT LEAST until the enemy next turn, or else the campaign movement debuff would be useless, but I haven't been able to test it; if the debuffs go away when the AI turn arrives, then they are only usefull before my attacks, but the game doesn't make it clear. What about epic agents, I know the Orion revealing enemy positions feature skills lasts multiple turns (and it's awesome), what about the Satyr debuff on enemy armies? The game really should be more clear about those things.

Ending disclaimer: my version of the game is translated to Portuguese, and there's some... confusion on the game tooltips, when it comes to "Regions", "provinces", territories", etc... I'm still confused about which skill/effect will affect the current region, or the entire province, etc... Someone should do a quality pass on the portuguese translation.


  • ChicoperarioChicoperario Registered Users Posts: 261
    Last question i forgot:


    (10) Critical success for agent actions make Priestess generate more favour in ciry rituals, does it affects all other agents skills as well? Does envoys debuff the enemy army movement further, if you get a Crit? Priestess oration of Dread, reduce morale even more? It's hard to test and verify those things in game.
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