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BUG: Campaign minimap incorrectly shows ownership of regions

HalibenarHalibenar Registered Users Posts: 3
edited December 2020 in Campaign & Battle Bugs

The Campaign minimap shows certain regions as owned by different factions and shows regions as ruins while they are colonized. It even shows two sea regions as owned, while sea regions are never colored on the map.
This issue has been showing up for me in multiple campaigns. Other regions on the campaign map are also affected.

1: Southern Badlands - Gronti Mingol, owned by Dwarfs, shown as Ruins
2: Land of the Dead - Khemri, owned by Khemri, shown as owned by Dwarfs
3: Ash River - Numas, owned by Dwarfs, shown as Ruins
4: Blightwater - Deff Gorge, owned by Dwarfs, shown as owned by Court of Lybaras
5: Devil's Backbone - Lahmia, owned by Court of Lybaras, shown as Ruins
6: The Straits of Nagash, sea reagion, shown as owned by Dwarfs
7: Sea of Storms, sea reagion, shown as owned by Dwarfs
8: Southlands World's Edge Mtns. - Karak Zorn, owned by Dwarfs, shown as Ruins


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