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Update for the Legendary Lore mod

OhManTFEOhManTFE Registered Users Posts: 33
What it does

The Legendary Lore mod rewards players with text events when they complete certain actions.

What's new:
  • Versus events for the Sisters of Twilight, Throt, Drycha and Durthu v Coeddil.
  • Lore for the new units and landmarks, including Regiments of Renown.
  • Discover the fate of the new characters in the End Times by taking them to the Chamber of Visions.
  • Learn about the new settlements added such as the Forest of Gloom, the Witchwood and the Silver Pinnacle by levelling them up.
  • Custom events for capturing key settlements for the Wood Elves such as Karaz-a-Karak, Naggarond, Lothern, Skavenblight and more!
  • To see everything else that was added in this latest patch, check out the patch notes. To see everything the mod has, check out the guide.


  • IsrafilIsrafil Registered Users Posts: 51
    This mod always makes me smile - it was a really good idea. Glad to see it's being kept up to date!

    Both for flavor added to campaigns as well as learning about units and characters from factions I'm not as familiar with.
    Follow me on twitter @perchancetogame. I write about our own End Times - or climate change. But End Times sounds cooler.

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