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next historical game total war

punic_soldierpunic_soldier Registered Users Posts: 126
edited December 2020 in Total War General Chat
stating that three kingdoms total war is the best total war game, even better than warhammer.
this game has made a difference with historical events, linking the starting points of the game in a single story through events and dilemmas, although here CA must work more on this aspect so that the story does not run out of control if a player starts at 182 and in 194 it no longer resembles the story the game is about, this must be taken more care of and try not to make things happen during the campaign that would never have happened.
CA must continue to release DLC and expansions of this excellent game, there are still many starting points, historical events, unique characters, even unique characters that should already be in history, a lot of work to do and more possibilities with this game.
that said, I think it would be a CA error to launch a medieval III, there is a saturation on the players with games that only have swords and spears and there are no other weapons like gunpowder.
we have been years without a game where firearms and other types of fighting exist.
nor would I want a medieval III where there is a strategic map that covers a lot of territory in an extended period of time, where we will have the usual boring and empty of content total war campaign like that of rome, is preferable a game focused on a specific period of time and a specific territory such as the three kingdoms that makes it a good no generalist game and boring with events and content.
a good time not touched by CA is the time of pike and shots, where pikes,swords and other weapons and gunpowder still existed and a specific period, in a specific territory, on a well-detailed map,in a concrete time,
It may be the english civil war, where there are important historical characters, historical events such as the formation of the new army of parliament, units, historical regiments, with their emblems and historical flags, a good sound of combat, with music of the epoch,a good AI and immersive aspects.
manage the side of the king or parliament, watching their armies fight with a good graphic engine, new combat animations, with videos in events during the campaign, a no generalist game that would be careful in all aspects, you do not need half the world and lots of factions to have an excellent game,it is more if you cover a lot of territory, time and factions, the campaign will be boring, lack of immersion, historicity and generalist.
also another good game can be,the war of independence of the united states,another epic history campaign,surely another excellent game.
what to say about the civil war in the united states, the north against the south in a careful game in all aspects, it would be another excellent game.
i ask CA originality and not to release repeated titles,in a future that will be a medieval XXI, it is absurd to continue releasing games with generalist and boring campaigns, games without taking care of, make a game that covers all of europe, north africa and the middle east,requires years before launch.
that is why CA releases games more focused on a specific historical period and stops saturating the player with the same sword and spear theme,whether of the classical or medieval epoch.
the player wants games from other epoch,even wars of the even wars of the victorian,napoleonic or earlier epoch.
that CA change the games to the age of the gunpowder, would give a boost to these games.


  • Maxim1lianMaxim1lian Registered Users Posts: 64
    edited December 2020
    If the CA listened to the community, we would have received Medieval 3 long ago. But alas, the CA does what they think they need. This means that you are asking for some kind of game with "gunpowder". CA will do as they need it. Will they say that the next game will be in Africa? So they considered it more important than the wishes of the community.

    On the other hand, you also touched upon the topic of regions and their scale. Before that, you compared the sizes of China and Europe, North Africa and part of Western Asia?) I will answer for you. Yes, they are almost the same. It should also be borne in mind that the 3K world map will still be expanded with the help of expansion packs.

    Before your topic, we have already discussed the topic of Medieval 3 many times. CA has not been making campaigns that span 4-5 centuries at once. Now the campaigns have a specific age, somewhere between 100-150 years. I already wrote that if they release Medieval 3, then most likely the campaigns will be divided into centuries, similar to either chapter packs or something like separate games based on the Warhammer trilogy. The division will be High Medieval and Late Medieval. A separate gap between them is also possible. This will allow making 3 completely different campaigns, the duration of which would be 150 years each - states, events, historical characters, armies and medieval equipment.

    As for individual games, for specific events and in specific lands - this is the Saga series
  • CommisarCommisar Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,664
    Could we get a mod to edit a bit?

    The English Civil War (ECW), American Civil War (ACW) and Revolutionary War have came up a few times. Revolutionary War is covered in a TW title already - Empire has it's own micro campaign for it. Issue with these is the lack of content for a game, looking at two factions with very little difference in units and tactics.

    These also lack the content to have the depth you want, there isn't the historical intrigues that were around in the 3K era, not the lords changing sides.
  • davedave1124davedave1124 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 12,320
    I imagine ACW would be a sub-section or DLC for Victoria TW.
  • Pomor29Pomor29 Registered Users Posts: 1
    The developers promised that one day the theme of the Second World War will be touched. And here the best thing would be to embody the war in the Pacific. That's where the flight of fancy is!
  • davedave1124davedave1124 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 12,320
    Pomor29 said:

    The developers promised that one day the theme of the Second World War will be touched. And here the best thing would be to embody the war in the Pacific. That's where the flight of fancy is!

    They never promised a WW2 game. They said anything is possible but they never promise anything in the long term.
  • jamreal18jamreal18 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 10,520
    Pomor29 said:

    The developers promised that one day the theme of the Second World War will be touched. And here the best thing would be to embody the war in the Pacific. That's where the flight of fancy is!

    Actually, I prefer Medieval and Mongol.

    Anyways, what will be the playable factions in WW2?
  • greendolphingreendolphin Registered Users Posts: 52
    edited February 19
    I think they kind of wasted the dark ages period by coming up with Age of Charlemagne. I mean, it was very good but was only an enhancement for Attila. With something like dark ages:total war they had the chance to split the middle ages and gain experience for the future medieval 3 (if that will ever happen anyway). It is a period with non-stop fightings nearly everywhere. Also has a lot of unique faction oppurtunities (besides the ones in AoC).

    I'd personally prefer a Medieval 3 or Empire 2 like majority of the fans. But having a saga game based on 30 years' war or a new napoleon is fine with me.

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  • Empire2pleaseEmpire2please Registered Users Posts: 8
    I have posted this in a few places - just trying to get an idea out to the community and see where it lands/what the apatite is for it :)

    My pitch for Empire 2: Total War
    (I liked the name 'Imperial: Total War' but the 'Empire 2' title keeps the vide of other Total War sequels like Rome 2, Warhammer 2, Shogun 2)

    I'm sure CA is already working on something like this - but here we go!

    Campaign Time Period: Late 1865 to late 1914

    - Europe - similar Empire and Napoleon (Europe, North Africa, some of Middle East like only territories that boarder the Mediterranean, and the Caucasus Region as displayed in Empire)
    - North America and the Caribbean - Similar to Empire but slimmed down a bit (from southern Canada to southern Mexico/central Caribbean) no Central American or Northern South American territories
    - Southern Africa - Territories encompassing the southern tip of Africa and its eastern coast opposite Madagascar
    - South East Asia - some territories encompassing the southern Chinese coast, modern day Vietnam, the Islands of the Philippines, and maybe southern Japan
    - The Theater of India and the expanse of the Middle East, as they are represented in Empire would not be included in this game to favor the theaters of Southern Africa and Eastern/Southeast Asia - the trade theaters would also not exist (as their inclusion simulates the creation of the large national trading companies of the 1700s)

    - The Rise of Super Empires
    = UK and Germany
    - The Fall of Old Empires
    = Spain, Russia, and Ottoman Empire
    - Colonization of Africa and Asia
    = through the inclusion of the theaters listed above
    - Mass Industrialization
    = Roads, Railroads, and Electricity for infrastructure improvements - building multiple factories and ports of the same type provide bonuses not just to the territory they reside but to other like buildings/industries as well (simulating the evolution of the accumulating economic power of individual corporations and industries)
    - The increasing influence of the United States - holdover from Empire
    - The increasing influence of Central Europe
    - Industrialization of War
    - Evolution Governments

    Playable Factions:
    - The United Kingdom
    - The French Empire
    - The Empire of Spain
    - The German Empire
    - The Kingdom of Italy
    - The Austro-Hungarian Empire
    - The Russian Empire
    - The Ottoman Empire
    - Japanese Colonies (like the British, French, and Spanish colony factions from Empire)
    - United States of America

    Technology Trees:
    Military Industrialization:
    - ex. Muskets to rifles and repeaters, wooden navies powered by sales to steal ships run on coal, cannons to artillery, machine guns at very end of campaign (probably no tanks and airplanes units - sorry)
    Economic Industrialization:
    - ex. electricity, industrialized farming, railroads, monopolies, mass industry (steal, coal, oil - you would not need to collect or micromanage these resources, but they contribute to your overall economy)
    Societal Mobilization:
    - ex. suffrage movement, workers’ rights (unions), trade tariffs, modern energy, advanced economic systems, manifest destiny, nationalism, aircraft, self determination

    Government Types:
    - Absolute Monarchy/Imperial Dynasty
    - Constitutional Monarchy
    - Democracy/Republic
    - Dictatorship
    Managing the government would be similar to the management of family trees in Rome and Attila. Absolute Monarchies/Imperial dynasties and Constitutional Monarchies would be managing the royal families and their political confidants. For Democracy/Republic and Dictatorships Royal Families would be replaced by political parties (Populists and Centrists maybe). Dictatorships would only have one Political Party (call it Authoritarianists maybe). Government types would change when public unrest reaches untenable levels. Change could be attained through a forced referendum, or through revolt.

    Introduction to real time battle mechanics - a battle or two set during the American Civil War (as the Union/USA)
    Introduction to turn based/campaign map mechanics - Boxer Rebellion/colonization of Africa/Asia (as United Kingdom)
    Test Your Skills - The Franco Prussian War (as Germany)

    For those of us who want an actual sequel to Empire, not just the spiritual one we currently have in Napoleon (thought his game is good too!), yet who are worried about the mechanics of WWI changing Total War to much; this may be an acceptable compromise. Also for those who want to explore WWI era and play out battles using units similar to those used during WWI without worrying about correctly simulating trench warfare, once the campaign officially ends in 1914, what's stopping you from making your own World War?

    Sorry for the spelling/grammar mistakes
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