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Alith Anar Confederation Bug

SyrasiSyrasi Registered Users Posts: 2
I was playing as Avelorn in Mortal Empires on Legendary difficulty and confederated with Nagarythe. When I did the confederation, the AI Alith Anar was in his shadow realm unique stance. Once he joined my faction, he was entirely unable to change stance - the stance drop menu had simply vanished from the UI. The only workaround I was able to employ, since Legendary difficulty made reloading impossible, was to give him the boot as general and wait for him to become available for recruitment again.


  • HolySaintKnightHolySaintKnight Registered Users Posts: 4,462
    Well done for bringing this up.
  • SyrasiSyrasi Registered Users Posts: 2
    Update: Once his post-dismissal cooldown ended and I re-recruited him, he functioned as a normal general without his Shadow Realm stance. Not sure if this is as intended.
  • uriakuriak Registered Users Posts: 4,437
    It's the first time a subfaction does have a specific stance that the overall culture doesn't. Confederating him in this stance must have messed up the stance state machine.

    They will either to have an escape clause when such events happen, or maybe through scripting force him out of this stance upon being confederated.
  • cunnipacunnipa Registered Users Posts: 2
    It’s 2020 and I just had this bug. Thanks for the tip.
  • LethaltotoLethaltoto Registered Users Posts: 1
    I've just discovered this bug and encouterred it in my current game
    Still not fixed apprently
  • ASKELADDdASKELADDd Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited June 16
    Hello guys its 2022 and this bug still occur TWW II but I have the solution to keep the army and debug Alith
    Alith anar stance menu not accessible :

    1 - Open Alith's menu (bottom left on his icon) and tap the little boot icon in the bottom right corner, you'll have to get an other general for this army
    2- Get an other general switch army to the alone general
    3- Diband the general that have the bug
    4- Wait few turns and recruit Alith again (225 gold)

    And there you go, enjoy ! :)
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