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Diplomacy upgreate

TengelZlyTengelZly Registered Users Posts: 6
edited January 8 in Feedback & Suggestions
Can you upgreade diplomacy system in Warhammer II TW. I play as Vampires and nobody whant to meake treade deal with me only Manfred. I olmoust distroyed the Raikland, they left with only one province with no army and don't whant to by my vasal or even negotiate peace deal. I have two armys near their last province and win on autoresolve but Raikland behave as autodestructive fanatics and don't even consider a peace deal and vasalization. How to enforce them to agree ? Diplomacy need an upgreate. If fraction is loosing the war it schould akcept peace deals and even beg for it.


  • vg45vg45 DenmarkRegistered Users Posts: 136
    Vampire Counts are not well-liked by humans, surviving by drinking human blood does that, it is meant to be extremely hard to make friends with the human factions as was the case in the lore for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I recommend you download Grammarly for your browser to spellcheck your posts.

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