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Determining region borders?

cuiyancuiyan Registered Users Posts: 3
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The Three Kingdoms series has a mechanic where some buildings can reduce corruption in neighboring commanderies. However it isn't entirely clear where the borders are. This is particularly true with some of the islands off the mainland. I was hoping to make a tool that would optimize buildings from an economic point of view, but I need clear data explaining what the graph looks like.

I opened one of the pack files and found in the map settings a group of region blocks which seems to have this information:

However I'm unable to make sense of the values I'm seeing in these tables. There are sets of integer pairs, but I'm not sure what the integers map to. At first I thought they were the region indexes (which would have made things easy) but I think I'm missing something because they do not appear to be bidirectional (I go to the corresponding region and the corresponding keypair is not present at all).

It also seems to cover 'connectivity' by counting neighboring rivers which would not apply to the building bonuses.

Can someone tell me how I can find out what the borders are without manually capturing this data in the UI?
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  • cuiyancuiyan Registered Users Posts: 3
    I think I was able to find what I needed in campaign_region_additional_adjacency_rules:
    3k_main_anding_resource_1 3k_main_hedong_capital
    3k_main_anding_resource_1 3k_main_xihe_resource_1
    3k_main_bajun_capital 3k_main_badong_resource_1
    3k_main_bajun_capital 3k_main_fuling_capital
    3k_main_bajun_resource_1 3k_main_badong_resource_1

  • cuiyancuiyan Registered Users Posts: 3
    I take it back. The campaign_region_additional_adjacency_rules only had a subset of the borders. I think I'm somewhat doomed. I guess I'll just need to figure out how to get this information out of the UI.

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