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Change Lightning Strikes

ddenozorddenozor Registered Users Posts: 2
Currently,no matter what faction I play,once I get Lightning Strikes on my lords and give them good armies, I can steamroll legendary difficulty without any problem as long as I make sure I'm not attacked. This ability takes the challenge out of game but it's %100 necessary to have in order to beat higher difficulties since AI is getting insane bonuses. I suggest instead of fighting one army at a time, Lightning Strike should delay the reinforcements coming from other armies by a set amount of time. This way you still have to fight other armies,but can get rid of one army in your terms and prepare for others. Some 'sneaky/hunter' archetype LLs and lords may have upgraded versions that gives your units more speed until Lightning Strikes effect wears off, reduces initial army's leadership,or increase the time reinforcements arrive. I believe changing Lightning Strikes opens allows devs to adjust difficulty settings without giving so much bonuses to AI on higher difficulties and also force players to create more armies on higher difficulties. It also promises bigger and longer battles where you can't abuse ranged firepower or powerful spellcasters.


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