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Medieval II doesn't work on a new computer

Marshall447Marshall447 England, United KingdomRegistered Users Posts: 10
Hi guys,

So I've recently got a new computer and Medieval II Total War (Gold Edition) won't start on my new PC.... I keep getting the following error:

This error happens regardless of whether I play in Windowed mode, whether I try to play the main campaign or any of the expansion packs.

I've also used my license key to redeem the game on Steam as well to see if it's simply a problem with the old game, but the Steam version will only play if I run it explicitly in windowed mode (which I really don't like) and I'm not sure how to switch between the various expansion packs via Steam as well, so I'm only getting the main game on there anyway. I'm also having to start entirely from scratch again, i.e. not all the factions are available via Steam, but I guess that's a different issue.

I really like this game and it would sadden me if it's unplayable for me now. I've attached a DxDiag file, I'd be really grateful if someone could take a look and let me know what (if anything) is wrong, or what I could try to fix this.

Thank you


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