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Post-battle CTDs for last couple of months with WE. No mods, template followed and files provided.

subtactricssubtactrics Registered Users Posts: 8
Build: 16966.2153399

Detailed description:
I fight Grimgor manually and win.
The first dump is after it showed the post-battle loading screen and then CTD.
The second it didn't show the post-battle loading screen, just went black for a bit then CTD. In this instance Orion died while everyone lived in the previous dump.

Reproduction Steps:
Declare war on Grimgor & invite allies
Win battle manually

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
In December I ended the turn instead of battling and the game kept on rolling until I fought the same lord again (Greenskins again) and then crashed post-battle.

I stopped playing in December because I couldn't get a game that didn't crash at some point. All crashes have been from post-battle against Greenskins. I will wait and see if you guys can fix it.

I'm going to try reinstalling the game now and will report back if it fixes the problem.


  • subtactricssubtactrics Registered Users Posts: 8
    I cleaned the steam library/common warhammer 2 directory as well as the app data one before reinstalling and it still crashes after the battle.
    This time it finished the post-battle load before crashing. Previous two times, the progress bar didn't even work.

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