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Vassels in guan du

MasterSlayeXMasterSlayeX Registered Users Posts: 656
Do you guys think this will be the first scenario to have very big powers with many vassels ? Like wei with Zang Ba , zhang yan and zhang Xiu vs yuan Shao with gao Gan and the yuan brothers ? Can we see any others potentially getting the same treatment if so? Excluding Liu biao who would probably still have huang zu and maybe cai mao


  • LaindeshLaindesh Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,461
    194 saw yuan shao having 2 vassals already. As for guandu, yup. How it's set up depends on at which time the campaign start.
  • Vin362Vin362 Registered Users Posts: 804
    edited January 17
    Exact start month matters when it comes to a 200 CE starting year.
    Supporter of Shu-Han, Waiting for a Three Kingdoms start date for TW3K
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