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possible idea to fix chaos warriors

Sparkwarrior777Sparkwarrior777 Registered Users Posts: 219
so obviously what ever they are doing is already decided and in motion. But just to speculate...

One of the key problems is that chaos corruption doesn't do enough to deter factions from resetting razed settlements.
Vampire corruption works because your actively able to increase corruption with buildings so your nonboring zones are getting infected. chaos doesn't have that. as soon as your army moves your basically losing the corruption.

so my proposal is what if chaos corruption spawns more chaos armies. Like you get a zone to 100 chaos corruption and it spawns another chaos army. if they go the mono god route they can have a diplomacy system like depending on your relation to a god affects how the enemy army sees you. They could be new hordes with the opportunity to confederate them later. If you have a bad relationship with there God they will just be another enemy.

Basically its the evil version of the empire. You coddle the other war bands to you eventually take up the matter of Ever chosen and then you unite all the warbands under your rule. the extra warbands give a larger distraction in the area your fighting thus preventing the factions to bee lining to the ruins. it also encourages build up. you get an area and hang around it for a bit to get more potential allies, like having chaos preacher gathering converts.


  • PilthoidPilthoid Registered Users Posts: 269
    Chaos- the fix would be to let them recruit while moving. I've said it over and over- hopefully someone at CA is looking. The problem is with both Beastmen and Chaos.

    Make no mistake, when you fix one you fix the other so they need to be done in tandem... Which is why I've said it'll be Beastmen Vs Chaos for the next DLC- maybe with some Norsca thrown in for good measure.

    This is not even mentioning a fix for the 'Hey, they resettled the place I just destroyed 2 turns later' problem.

    You fix BOTH the Beastmen and Chaos by doing this for their hordes. Then let Chaos erect (See my Avatar - Hehe) a monument to the Chaos Gods that they can use like a recruitment center and give the Beastmen a similar function with Herdstones. They can use that as a town, but depending on how successful you are maybe you only get 1 or 2 of them, etc.
  • SerPusSerPus Registered Users Posts: 4,070
    Pilthoid said:

    Make no mistake, when you fix one you fix the other so they need to be done in tandem...

    No they don't. These two armies are suppose to function differently.
  • Grom_the_PaunchGrom_the_Paunch Registered Users Posts: 2,265
    Funnily enough, I'm playing a CW campaign right now.

    You're right about chaos corruption being quite pointless. It adds a little Obedience malus that helps the occasional rare rebellion take place. The problem with that actually is that it sometimes helps factions come back. In my campaign, I annihilated Reikland, only to have them return and start aggressively confederating every Empire faction 10 turns later. I would say this was very annoying, but I don't really mind the challenge. It's boring otherwise.

    Nothing stays dead for long. You kill Kislev and Empire factions. Skaven will swallow up the territory and then inevitably betray you. You kill the Skaven. Dwarfs come in. You kill the Dwarfs. Wood Elves take over and the Empire are back. Now you are fighting everyone. It is a spiral of self-defeating pointlessness. All you can do is temporarily cleanse an area of living filth before it is repopulated by some other random faction who hates your guts. It might be different if your Norscan flunkies could actually take and hold more settlements.

    Every time Archaon announces he is bringing the End Times, I laugh manically and start gibbering and whimpering to myself. Grimdark? No wonder Chaos always loses. The world is invincible, its races numberless beyond counting and Chaos rifts are naught but a fleeting and temporary inconvenience. Oh wait...
  • GoatforceGoatforce Registered Users Posts: 5,844
    I think that chaos corruption will be made a lot more impactful with the introduction of daemons, as those would likely be the armies you mention
  • AscythianAscythian Registered Users Posts: 90
    edited January 17
    As long as Norsca [and DoC in Warhammer 3] lives WoC [and possibly Beastmen] should not be able to be wiped out.

    I also like the Chaos Towers mod.
  • WyvaxWyvax Registered Users Posts: 4,169
    Goatforce said:

    I think that chaos corruption will be made a lot more impactful with the introduction of daemons, as those would likely be the armies you mention

    How much you want to bet that settlements razed by Chaos Warriors will have a garrison of Chaos Daemons preventing easy reconquest? Probably continuously spit out AI Chaos Daemon armies at a slow but steady pace as well until they're razed or resettled.
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  • PPerunPPerun Registered Users Posts: 168
    Hmm, how about regions with the chaos corruption above 50% would not be possible to be resettled? First you would need to send to your agents/lords to camp there to untaint it.
    Just an idea
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