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How do you possibly win as Charlemagne?

PhillyToozPhillyTooz Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 8
Guys, will start my eighth campaign. Every turn you get attacked. Every turn a rebellion occurs. Every turn you repair the damage down after each attack. So, what is the scheme here? Suffer through twenty turns before you can get to build anything. I almost wish I could ask for my money back. I see "build building which have good order..." but never have enough money to build these. Anyone have a cheat code for automatic battle victory or more money so I can get to turn thirty? Real disappointed with this DLC.


  • EasternRoman5EasternRoman5 Registered Users Posts: 79
    edited January 22
    You mentioned Charlemagne so I suppose you refer to the faction the Frankish Kingdom specifically?

    First of all ensure you have trade and agreements with as many factions as possible. Charlemagne's faction is generally loved by the most and your trade goods make it easy to sign agreements.

    Then you have to focus ro your two fronts:
    1)The war in Aquitania: this is pretty straightforward. Recruit as many men as you can in Charlemagne's army (and mercenaries if you can afford) and after one or two victories the factions in Aquitania will beg for peace.

    2) The war in the northeast against Saxons. Here things are a bit harder. Make sure to raise a general in the cities the enemy will immediately attack and a few mercenaries. Try to fight the battle to protect against invaders while at the same time you prepare a bigger force in Aachen where there is a barracks. Eventually they will ask for peace but don't expect it to be easy.

    Other than that, it's actually easy. When you have secured against major threats use your armies to garrison cities and increase public order. Don't have too many armies in times of peace, otherwise you won't have money to construct buildings for public order and income. That's why ending the wars quickly is imporant.

    Last advice...just have fun. I miss the times when I was still learning and struggling! Enjoy it as much as you can! Eventually you will become so good it will get a bit ...boring ;)
  • PhillyToozPhillyTooz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 8
    I build as many chapels as possible. I pretty much do as suggested above. No time of peace in five CGs. Trying again, rebellions every turn. Repairing all those buildings damaged leaves me little money. There is a limit to how many armies can be raised. AI always goes where my armies are not. I am really losing patience here.I can win the Rome and Attila CGs without too much effort but find Charlemagne unplayable. Kent decided to attack me last time despite trade and non aggressive pact. I just want to get past this over long rebellion period and finally have the initiative. Zero fun now over a five month learning curve.
  • PhillyToozPhillyTooz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 8
    I do appreciate your help.
  • EasternRoman5EasternRoman5 Registered Users Posts: 79
    edited January 22
    Are you playing on Legendary?

    That sort of thing like Kent breaking treaties is super rare. I an pretty sure they will immediately accept peace, the AI does that some times.

    Also don't forget to put good governors with high authority to troubled provinces. Autbority increases public order (hover you mouse over authority to check by how much)

    It's never that bad in normal or hard difficulties.

    Chapels are expensive and provide no income. Sure they are necessary but don't overdo it.

    Maybe take a break from it for some time and play another campaign or faction. When you return it may look easier. Happened a lot to me.
  • PhillyToozPhillyTooz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 8
    Tried another CG. Let Frankfurt and Utrecht fall. I build in Aachen and reinforce Poitiers. My other forces have a long way to go. I build in Hallstadt. Second turn. Lose Trier. Utrecht is now owned by Frisidan rebels. I try to attack and get attacked by another large stack from Westphalia which greatly outnumbers me. Soon the "imminent Rebellion" warnings will appear turn after turn. Again, three turns in and this is fun? I have been at this now for some time. I have been playing TW for over 16 years now. I would like to have that fun you suggested earlier but this DLC seems to have other ideas. I have even tried the Radious Mod and experience the same woes. I really like the theater this depicts and can play other factions but just want to see how I can get through the first annoying twenty turns. If you have the time and inclination on giving me suggestions for the first three turns I am all ears. Otherwise, extremely disappointed with this campaign, I am getting attacked by stacks of 13 while I can only build three forces at a time within each settlement. I can buy limited mercenaries but notice a large portion of my enemy stacks consist of mercenaries. I am playing on normal setting. So, is there a cheat where i can get more money, armies or an automatic win setting so I can at least get through 10 turns? This is the only DLC where i am experiencing this. It is frustrating and I am stubbornly trying to figure out how to to at least stick around a play a while.
  • PhillyToozPhillyTooz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 8
    Looks like I will have to give up on this DLC. I wholeheartedly would suggest others save their money. Tried every TW trick I have learned and nothing helps. Tried again, by Turn 4 saw four Imminent Rebellions and a disease outbreak to boot. Could not get any enemy to agree to peace. Lost Frankfurt, then Trier before I could even build one building. Whatever fun others have experienced with this has eluded me. Time to move on. Real disappointed. Where is the line drawn between a challenge and fun. Hard to win when you can only build three units a turn and get attacked by 13+ units, then have rebellions break out. Time to try other TW games.
  • EasternRoman5EasternRoman5 Registered Users Posts: 79
    Do you play the battles btw? Because in the first turn when Angria attacks your settlement, if you have a general garrisoned and one or two mercs, two things can happen:
    1) The AI will besiege, giving you time to recruit more units in nearby regions
    2) Attack and then you may be able to win. Use most units in a chokepoint as an anvil and when the time comes bring your general around and hit the enemy in the back, like a hammer. It may not be easy but it is doable.

    Also don't worry about Frisia too much. I always let it fall, usually Westphalia liberates the faction there, which is weak and accepts peace. And then deal with them later, most likely subjugate them and keep them as a buffer state against the Saxons. Other than that I only have to say that you should alway try to get as much money as possible from agreements in turn 1. There are many many factions to negotiate with and get 200-300 or more from each one. This really helps. I usually play on very hard, legendary is not my cup of tea.

    It's easy to cheese the battle AI and win, all you have to do is the hammer and anvil tactic I described before... Everyone uses it, it's a standard. The AI always blobs against your frontline, it's certainly not blind and if you try to flank them too early they will turn around to defend, but time it perfectly and you will kill hundreds.
  • PhillyToozPhillyTooz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 8
    Thanks for the advice. I have a lot of success with the trade agreements, usually getting at least $300 from most of the nations approached. I beat Westphalia with those tactics you have discussed but then here comes Sangria and the rebellions. So, looks like I will move on to some of the great Attila mods-medieval and ancient empires are terrific. I will just put Charlemagne on the bottom of my to play list. Thanks for your time and thoughts. By the way, I always fight the battles in order to at least whittle down the enemy. Auto resolve kills too few.
  • c07ec07e Registered Users Posts: 1
    I think you are giving up a little too easily friend. Age of Charlemagne is a great DLC and when you are successful you will see it was worth it. Perhaps you can try a different faction like the Kingdom of Asturias to get the hang of things and learn the little details of the DLC with a successful campaign with them.

    But here is an in depth guide to playing Charlemagne that I think will help you if you give it a read:


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